UoM VC back to research after a hiatus

UoM VC back to research after a hiatus

Vice Chancellor of University of Mysore K S Rangappa, who has been busy with administrative work and the ongoing special events in connection with the centenary celebrations of the UoM, is back to research after a hiatus since his appointment as vice chancellor to Karnataka State Open University in 2009.

Ten patented molecules of Rangappa, related to development of anti-cancer agents will be subject to clinical trials under an international project, funded by Israel Science Foundation and University Grants Commission.

Israel Vlodavsky from the Cancer and Vascular Biology Research Centre in Technion will be the principal investigator along with Rangappa for the three-year project which
is likely to get Rs 1 crore grants. Chemistry professor Basappa and bio-chemist C D Mohan will assist Rangappa in the project ‘Development of Inhibitors of Heparanase for Cancer Therapy’ as the Indian team.

“In cancer cells, heparanase enzyme or ‘kinva’ catalyses the cleavage of heparan sulfate, which results in dislodging of cells from the primary tumour leading to metastasis and spreading of tumour to other organs, that is to check advancement of cancer to higher stages. Designing of heparanase inhibitors is the best therapeutic strategy to treat cancer,” said Rangappa.

In the project, Rangappa and his team will identify and synthesise the chemical scaffolds with potential heparanase inhibitory activity using computational techniques and screen for their anti-cancer activity and in vitro enzyme inhibitory activity. The Israel team will work on in vivo efficacy of the identified lead compounds and possible advancements to clinics.

Immediately after his term as vice chancellor of KSOU, Rangappa was appointed as the VC of the UoM in 2013, so, he had to concentrate more on administration. With one more year left in this term of office, he is inclined towards research. However, sources reveal that he may not seek a second term, but may head a higher body in the academic circles after the completion of the current term.