DU girl suspended for theft, college in row for making name public

DU girl suspended for theft, college in row for making name public

DU girl suspended for theft, college in row for making name public

 A public notice by DU's Dayal Singh college about suspension of a girl student for allegedly stealing a mobile phone has triggered a row with a few teachers and the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) objecting to making public of the circular and the girl's name.

The college principal, however, is maintaining that the girl has confessed to stealing the phone after a disciplinary committee found her guilty, and hence there should be no objection to making the notice public.

The notice, which has been posted on the college's notice board as well as on the website, says, "The student has been suspended from college for her involvement in case of theft of a mobile phone on recommendation of discipline committee of the college."

The girl has also been asked to give an explanation about why she should not be rusticated from the college.

"If the college has found a student guilty of some act, he or she should be communicated in person about the action or proceedings. This name and shame campaign can have an impact on the girl's future not only professionally but also as an individual," a college teacher said.

DCW Chief Swati Maliwal has also termed the act to be "unbecoming of the college".
"As per my information, the inquiry has not been completed yet. If any student has been issued a show-cause notice to explain her position, what is the need to publicise it. It is unbecoming of the college to do so, " Maliwal told PTI.

"Even if the girl is guilty, she should not be subjected to such public harassment for theft of a cell phone. The college can punish her but announcing it on its website is unethical," she added.

However, college principal IS Bakshi defended the notice saying,"The girl was given a chance to explain her position before the disciplinary committee. It is not just an allegation, she has confessed it too."

"There should be no objection to making public of the student's name as other students will refrain from indulging in such activities in fear of action," he added.