Art inspired from daily life

Art inspired from daily life

I am always on the lookout for my subjects and end up finding them even in the most unbelievable things and places,” says artist Inderjeet S Grover, pointing to a painting which shows men working at a dhaba. “A lot of artists might not find their subject in a setting like this, but I see beauty here,” he adds, smilingly.

Grover, who currently serves as the Deputy Director (general), Education Department, NDMC, has a solo exhibition titled ‘Journey...Never Ends...In A Way’ displayed in the city. The show comprises of over 50 images — depicting scenes from everyday life, a few portraits, and also has a section of works showing scenes from dance and music concerts.

“I travel a lot and come across many beautiful moments and people. I immediately capture such moments and then paint them on my canvas,” Grover tells Metrolife. He adds that most of his works reflect life in place like Shimla, Kashmir, Chhattisgarh and even Delhi.

Explaining the title of his show, Grover says that all his exhibitions have the word ‘journey’ in it as, “Life, weather personal or professional, is a journey. And that’s what I highlight through my paintings as well.”

His works, done in impasto style — a technique where paint is laid thickly on the canvas so that it stands out — give ordinary moments a colourful meaning. So while one work shows two adjacent shops, one which is a dhaba and the other a cycle repair shop, other shows a woman rowing a shikara.

“I work with acrylic colours and a knife or a spatula (which he calls his main weapon). It usually takes me two to four days to finish one work,” he says. But what is it that he sees in a moment, person or object, which then goes on to become his subject. “That’s a difficult question,” says Grover. He takes a brief pause and continues, “Their uniqueness, their forms and their lines.” The show is on until January 14 at the Lokayata Art Gallery, Hauz Khas Village.