Cosy under the city lights

Cosy under the city lights

Cosy under the city lights
It was almost a decade ago that Ashish Jain made plans to move from Dhubri in Assam to Bengaluru. This was in search of better opportunities and to explore the options here. The City welcomed him with open hands. His decision was to be part of the travel industry. His wife Priyanka joined him four years back. They have a daughter, Navya.

Ashish, who is now the director of Global Wings Tours (India) Private Limited, says, “After getting into the travel business here, I had the chance to meet a lot of people here. I also learnt how Bengaluru was open to anything in any field.”

Recollecting his days in Dhubri, he says, “it is a small place where everyone knows everyone. The Brahmaputra river flows closeby, and is indeed a beautiful sight. Dhubri is also known for its huge ‘gurdwara’,” he says. Priyanka, who hails from Surat, also shares her rich memories of her native place. “Surat is a very colourful city and everything about it is endearing. When it comes to festivals, you can say sky is the limit. On all days of ‘Navratri’, one can see huge celebrations across Gujarat.”

“Surat is also a lot like Bengaluru in that a variety of communities co-exist there, from Gujaratis and Marwaris to Parsis,” she adds excitedly. The mixed culture, she says, gives the City its vibrant character. “On the whole, life is much relaxed there and less stressful,” she says.

According to the couple, the best thing about Dhubri and Surat is that people are close-knit and known to each other. “Life is quite different here as everyone is busy with their own lives,” say the duo. But Ashish is quick to add that he loves the warmth of the Bengalureans. “They are  accepting and very caring.”

Talk about food and Priyanka declares her love for ‘khakhra’, ‘khaman’ and ‘khamani’ and points out how she misses them while Ashish says that his diet back home comprised rice, chapathi and curries. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Now that we are in Bengaluru, our diet includes South Indian meals and ‘idli’ and ‘dosa’. He also loves to indulge in the food available at the VV Puram Food Street, when he has some time. “They have a lot of vegetarian options there.” Though the food here is different from what we are used to, we love it,” says Priyanka.

Whenever the duo have some time to spare, they take off for long drives to Mysore Road. “The option of a nightlife is an advantage here,” says Ashish with a smile. Although they miss their native places, they are romancing Bengaluru like none other. They like the fact that how no one ever feels like a stranger here. “If I have to talk about my memorable moments here, it began the day I started working here. I realise what the City has made me,” says Ashish. “This city gave me life and I will be indebted to that. Bengaluru is our home in every way,” adds Priyanka.