VMware sets course on future strategies

VMware sets course on future strategies

VMware sets course on future strategies

VMware, the $6.04-billion US-based virtualisation and cloud infrastructure solutions major, is not worried over Dell taking over its parent organisation EMC Corporation, and is going ahead with its strategy to tie up with public cloud vendors.

In an interaction with Deccan Herald, Ajay Singh, SVP GM at VMware, said the company is focussed on growth factors like network virtualisation, storage virtualisation and end-user computing, which is the whole mobile revolution.

“The deal is expected to accelerate VMware’s growth across all of its businesses through increased opportunities to benefit from synergies with Dell’s solutions and go-to-market channels. VMware will benefit from the operational agility that comes from our majority shareholder being privately controlled, and from being part of one of the top three transformational IT companies in the world,” Singh said.

When asked about the likely tie-up with Google, he said there is a natural inclination of cooperation between the public cloud vendors and VMware because the company can deliver a solution which can reduce risk.

“VMware is a very natural player for the agnostic world. It is a win-win for the customer and for VMware,” he said.

“We are making a bigger commitment to existing public cloud vendors, of course we have got to continue with vCloud Air for very specific scenarios, but generally, we are going to be working much more closely with the Amazons to the Googles and the Azures of the world,” he said. Commenting on the Indian market, he said that it is probably one of the fastest growing markets in Asia Pacific. “We are seeing a lot of growth from financial institutions, telcos, IT/ITeS, and certainly, government,” he said.

The company inaugurated its new campus in Bengaluru with a total investment of $120 million. “India is the largest R&D site for us outside the US, and it continues to grow. We also have our global support operations here. VMware in 2014 had announced an investment of $500 million in India by 2017,” he said.

“There are immense opportunities on all fronts — computing, networking, storage virtualisation and management, and end-user computing. End-user computing is doing very well for us here,” he said.