For every taste - New 'n' happening

For every taste - New 'n' happening

New 'n' happening

For every taste - New 'n' happening

For every taste

Abesquare Furnish Pvt Ltd ( is an online e-commerce platform aimed at selling wooden furniture online at affordable prices. Their aim is to provide end-users with aesthetically appealing, eye-catching, bold and elegant furniture. Each of these products are exquisitely curated and handpicked before they go up on the platform. They have recently launched a new line of beds — Gibbs, Croft bunk bed, Bernard and Priscilla.

For the master bedroom, they have the Priscilla double bed, which is an absolute beauty. The natural grain of the wood can be clearly seen, which brings out its attractiveness. Designed in minimalist style, the Priscilla is solid and sturdy, yet does not appear bulky. Growing teen-agers need more space and the preferred option for them would be single beds with more room. Bunk beds are every child’s dream and the Croft bunk bed, available in dark walnut finish as well as red oak finish will make your child’s dream come true. For those who need an additional bed but do not have the space for it everyday, the designers have given a single bed a clever, functional twist as seen in the Bernard. It is the ultimate in space-saving guest beds since this single bed frame has a second bed stowed within its base.

For easy repair

Gone are the days when unused and broken items were thrown out of the window just because they couldn’t be repaired. Pidilite Industries Ltd has launched Fevikwik Weld, a specialised rapid-repair product that repairs broken objects with gaps and cracks and turns them into a new one. A two-part product system comprising Fevikwik and a fine glass powder, when applied together on the damaged area, it repairs it instantly and gives high strength. It is an ideal combination for filling and sealing gaps, joining broken objects and repairing and rebuilding.

It comes in a bottle with a nozzle, which makes it easy to use multiple times and gives it a longer shelf life. It can be applied on a number of surfaces like plastic, metals, electronic parts, ceramics, glass etc. Once dried it turns into a hard formulation that can be hammered, rubbed with a sand paper and can even be drilled. The product is available across hardware stores and auto outlets.

Wine & dine

Carysil introduces a new microwave oven, which comes with child-lock protection feature. It has a large LED display and a digital control panel. This microwave comes with energy-efficient and high-performance technology. It has a built-in inox cavity, and a 25-litre capacity. You can defrost your food by weight and time in this oven, which also comes with a auto-cooking menu. With a quick start and combination cooking features, this oven has three facilities — microwave, grill and convection. 

Carysil also introduces a wine chiller for wine lovers. Its dual temperature zone for red and white wine makes it a hot buy among wine connoisseurs. It is a mini bar with refrigerator that can store 24 standard bottles of wine at a time. The free-standing chiller comes with an elegant touch pad control with two-shelf mini bar with chrome racks. Its interior lighting with blue LED is suitable for storage of 48 litres. The wine chiller is available in 16, 24 and 28 bottle versions. Its touch pad control, controlled cooling temperatures and double-insulated, transparent door makes for easy operation.