Do we really need air purifiers?

Do we really need air purifiers?

Do we really need air purifiers?

Human race has heavily contributed to the degradation of our environment, especially the air quality. As a consequence, we are continuously exposed to dirty air and are paying heavily with compromised health. Not only is the outdoor air dirty, but even the indoor air has high concentration of pollutants.

Latest statistics and reports on air pollution in India have made us all start thinking seriously on how to better our environment. As long-term measures to purify air need considerable time to take effect, a good home air purifier is being used as an alternative by many.

Has someone already recommended an air purifier to you? Wondering whether it is any good or just a passing fad? Doubtful if it can actually improve the air quality around you? If you find yourself pondering on any of the above, it is certain that you have reasons to consider cleaning the air around you. Consider the following to make your surroundings even better:

 Persistent odour in your home: Some of us are more sensitive to odours than others. Due to lack of proper ventilation, odours stay longer and can be irritating and even sickening. Does your home absorb odour from smoking, sports enthusiast family members’ used clothing and footwear, dirty diapers or pets? If yes, it is time to get a good home air purifier and start breathing clean and fresh air.

 Respiratory ailments: People with respiratory ailments may suffer from a sudden attack due to many triggers. Certain allergens can trigger a severe attack and may even make breathing difficult for the patient. Along with the medication, doctors recommend keeping the air quality as clean as possible for such people. Air purifier benefits such patients by filtering and purifying the surrounding air and preventing sudden triggers.

 Eliminating the ‘new home smell’: Entering a new home is always a reason to be happy. But do you know that the ‘new house smell’ is actually toxic and carcinogenic, mainly due to formaldehyde, which is used for various types of pressed woodwork? Breathing this air can be dangerous for the health of family members. Air purifier improves the quality of air in a new home by filtering the toxic air.

 For the young and the old: We all know that the immune system of infants, young kids and aged people are not as robust as that of a healthy adult. If your family comprises babies or elderly members, it is imperative that you take extra steps to ensure the air quality around you is good. Apart from the regular allergens, even dust can adversely affect the overall health of people in these age groups. You can prevent allergens and dust from harming your family by filtering the air with the best air purifier for dust.

 Pet allergies: If you are an animal lover, you are exposed to pet-related allergies. Even if you don’t have any known allergies, the fur, hair, pet dander or odour can compromise the quality of air around you. Small children and elderly in the family are even more sensitive to animal dander and can face respiratory difficulties. If you own a pet, you should purify and filter the air in your home by getting a good air purifier.

 Living close to an industrial area or a busy road: Living near a farm, agricultural or industrial area exposes you to excessive dust, odour and fumes from fertilisers, pesticides and toxic industrial waste. If you are living close to any major road or highway, the dust and smoke from burning fuel of the vehicles can have negative impact on your overall health. As it is not possible to change your home, using a good home air purifier can significantly improve the air quality around such locations and safeguard you against many health hazards.

 Living in apartments: If you are living in an apartment, it is highly likely that you are exposed to higher concentration of pollutants due to smaller living space. Also, people in apartments cannot control the behaviour of neighbours who might be smokers, using firewood in winters, not cleaning homes regularly and thus, exposing you to odour and smoke. By using a good air purifier, you can breathe clean air, anywhere anytime.

(The author is founder & CEO, Hippo Innovations Pvt. Ltd)