3 boys feared drowned

3 boys feared drowned

Three boys of a government school at Sigehalli village off Magadi Road were feared drowned in a lake on Thursday evening.

 The fire force and the local police retrieved the body one of the boys who was identified as Sadique Pasha (7), a resident of Sigehalli.

“The two other boys, who had gone to the Sigehalli lake to swim, have been identified as Keshav Kumar Yadav (10), and Lokesh Vajrappa (7). It is not known if the two also drowned in the lake or gone into hiding due to the fearing admonishment for having gone to the lake for swimming,” said a police officer.

There were no facilities to continue to search for the bodies in the night. Hence, the fire force called off the operation and decided to resume it on Friday morning, he added.

A team of four boys including Pasha, Yadav and Lokesh went to the lake around 4.30 pm for swimming. One of the boys, who entered the water, was shocked to see one of his friends drown and started running to his house. He told a few persons about the drowning on way to his house. Soon, a few local residents rushed near the lake, but could not spot anybody.

Later, they informed the police, who alerted the fire force staff.The fate of Yadav and Lokesh is not known. The boys could have gone to their relatives house fearing punishment by their parents. However, things would be clear only after operation completes on Friday, said the police.