The spice trail

The spice trail

Comfort food

The spice trail

There’s something magical about food when you know it’s home cooked. There’s a special ingredient that’s been added to it that no one else can ever take away. By no means a ‘fancy place’,  ‘Achayyan's’ is where   one can find that special ingredient.

It’s not a place where one goes to talk about the ambience or the decor or even the service.

It’s a simple restaurant that serve you honest and delicious traditional Kerala dishes. It also serves boiled with herbs. It can accommodate just about 25 people at a time and has bare walls, metal furniture and waiters yelling the orders to the kitchen as soon as you decide.

When you walk in , you’ll notice three bowls of curries placed at all times, which you have with the rice and side dishes you order. Apart from meals, you can also choose to have ‘chicken biryani’, ‘mutton biryani’, ‘fish biryani’, ‘egg biryani’ or ‘veg biryani’. However, you can also opt for the ‘Kerala parota’, ‘appam’, ‘idiyappam’, ‘chapati’, ‘kappa’, ‘puttu’ or ‘pathiri’.

Now, for the star of the meal, they have various meats for you to choose from, all ranging from beef to fish to chicken items, sometimes even mutton. Depending on the season, you can choose to order the seer fish, pomfret, pearl spot, mackerel and more. They also have crab, squid, mussel and prawns to choose from. Each one of them are thoroughly marinated and cooked with Kerala spices to give the authentic taste.

Very light on the pocket — unless you order the seasonal meats — and homely are the two main unique selling points of this small restaurant. ‘Achayyan's’ is located on 2209, 80 Feet Road, Near BSNL Office, 2nd stage, Indiranagar.