Former MLA's son held in Kolkata hit-and-run

Former MLA's son held in Kolkata hit-and-run

Former MLA's son held in Kolkata hit-and-run

More than 48 hours after a speeding Audi mowed down air force officer Corporal Abhimanyu Gaud on January 13, the Kolkata Police arrested Sambia Sohram, said to be the man behind the wheels of the speeding SUV involved in the hit-and-run incident.

Sambia, or Tausif, as he is officially known, is the younger son of former RJD MLA Mohammad Sohrab.

Police sources said 23-year-old Sambia was picked up from an undisclosed location in Kolkata late on Saturday evening. Sources further said that the other Sohrab family members who were absconding, including his elder brother Ambia, and his father Mohammad, are also expected to surrender by Sunday. The rest of the family, however, is likely to be let go without any charges as they were not involved in the case.

Twist to the case

Earlier on Saturday, new evidence reportedly revealed that Mohammad Sohrab had called up a top Kolkata Police official after the incident for advice.

The former RJD MLA’s two sons, Ambia and Sambia, are prime suspects in the case. Sources indicated that Sohrab had called up a high-ranking police officer to ask for his advice.

The officer is reported to have suggested that he escape along with the rest of the family till things cool down.

At least two leading Bengali news channels cited information from sources to air the news flash. Kolkata Police’s Detective Department, which is treating the accident as a homicide case, however, refuted having come across any such evidence.

Complicating the case, the family of Shahnawaz Khan or Sanu has lodged a missing complaint for Khan. A close friend of the Sohrab brothers, Khan went missing soon after the accident, claimed his brother Khalid and sister-in-law Priyanka, in a written complaint.
They said Sanu told them over phone a few hours after the accident that Sambia was driving the Audi when it ran over Corporal Gaud.

Priyanka further said that Sanu told them of an argument between Sambia and a traffic constable before breaking through the guard rails on Red Road approach.

Besides the Sohrab brothers, police are also looking for Sanu and another friend, Khaled Hossain, for questioning as they were all last seen together at a city disco the night before.

Meanwhile, some senior military officers are reported to have visited the local police station that has jurisdiction over the residential address of the Sohrab brothers and have filed a complaint against them.