Former petrol pump worker fakes ATM cards

Former petrol pump worker fakes ATM cards

 A 30-year-old former petrol pump attendant has been arrested for allegedly withdrawing money from bank accounts through cloned ATM cards, police said on Saturday.

Ajay Kumar used a ‘sky device’ along with ATM card reader to target petrol pump customers who came in during late night hours.

“After getting fuel, when the customer gave ATM card for payment, Ajay cleverly swapped the ATM card in sky device and also noted the PIN number given by the customer,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (South East) Mandeep Singh Randhawa.

When the customer went away, Ajay along with his accomplices immediately prepared a cloned ATM card and one of the gang members withdrew cash with this cloned ATM card and PIN number.

They used ATM centres of different bank as that of the customer since they knew that it took more time for the customer’s bank to get information about these transactions. Besides, the victim generally read SMS alert about the transactions next morning.

In September 2015, a HDFC Bank official had filed a complaint with New Friends Colony police station. Their customers had reported withdrawal of cash through ATM cards.

During internal enquiry conducted by the bank, it was revealed that the data of ATM cards were scanned at Jindal Service Station on Mathura Road. Subsequently, an enquiry was conducted by the local police and a case of cheating was registered.

“It created suspicion over the staff working with the service station. Subsequently, all the fuel attendants were questioned. Ajay had left the service station,” Randhawa added.
On the basis of a tip-off, Ajay was nabbed near Ashram Chowk. A sky device has been recovered.

During interrogation, Ajay told police that a man named Sachin is the kingpin of the gang. The gang members are professional cheats and involved in many such cases in several states.