Focussing on meaningful films

Focussing on meaningful films

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Focussing on meaningful films

Sandalwood actor Chetan Chandra is nothing short of excited, with his next project ‘Vyagrah’ ready to hit the screens soon.  He is all praises for his director for having given him the opportunity to work with them. He strongly believes that the movie will be a path-breaker for his career.

This romantic thriller has something unique to it — most of the artistes, including the heroine and the villain, are non-Kannadigas. He says, “The heroine is Karuna Dogra from Delhi and the villain is Rajeev Pillai from Kerala.” Chetan says that this movie  will attract a larger audience because of its varied theme. “We’ve seen movies on serious subjects varying from prostitution to other illegal activities but this movie will be different.”

Chetan vouches that the audience will be shocked and surprised by the theme. “‘Vyagrah’ will draw attention to certain medical malpractices that are scary yet are happening around us.” He says that the movie also holds the promise of a beautiful love story. “I play a rich college boy, who is someone every student looks up to on the campus. He is a role model to many.”

The film was a “fun learning experience” for the actor. “Each of the actors have their own set of experiences to share. There were no language barriers and we all spoke to each other in Hindi and English and in our regional languages, which made it even more fun,” he says with a smile. The movie brought a surprising twist for him. “I was pleasantly surprised by how I was selected for the project,” says Chetan. He says that the lighting, screenplay and how each scene was shot, will make the movie stand out.

It has many interesting features. “The most challenging scene was the fight scene in the climax which was shot on a beach in Goa, under the scorching sun. The scene was between me and Rajeev and since both of us are heavily-built, the shooting was an interesting experience.”

    Chetan had to stick to a strict diet during those days, which was challenging.
What can the audience expect from ‘Vyagrah’? “The making of the film is great. It will be a treat for the eyes as the locations are beautiful and so is the picturisation. I’m sure the audience will love the movie.”

This movie has been shot in Bengaluru, Chennai and Goa. “Half of the movie was shot in Goa and the rest in the City. Though I stay in Bengaluru, it is interesting to see how the same city can be presented differently through the lens.”

   The actor is grateful to director VP Shankar and the crew for making the movie a grand experience. “Every project teaches one different things. This project has given me the confidence and the sensibility to not accept movies for the sake of it. After working on such a unique story, I don’t want to accept a movie just to increase the number of projects. that I am doing.”