Melodies from the heart

Melodies from the heart

Alternate rock

Melodies from the heart

It’s not only their compositions which radiate a warm, fuzzy feeling of light-heartedness and liveliness. The sight of their companionship and chemistry on stage strikes strong chords with the audience which makes them such a delight to watch and listen to. ‘Treo’, a Hyderabad-band that is currently killing it and taking over the alternative space with their groovy and deep melodies, remember the time of their inception too.

“May 6, 9.42 am, to be precise,” says Ernest Abraham, the lead vocalist and co-composer. ‘Treo’ is his brainchild and he loves and respects his ‘children’ immensely. “Darshan, our composer and producer is the heart of the band and handles the entire recording session. Ajay and Krishna are the men with the golden pen. Emrald, my younger brother, can make anyone’s jaw drop through his guitar skills,” he says, proudly.

 ‘Treo’ started out as three-member-band and the name stuck on though the band has grown in number. They started out by belting tunes for short films and studios and turned quite a few heads there. It was when another studio approached them for their music that they realised they were in tune and an integral part of the indie music scene. “It was a Eureka moment when we realised that people are calling us for work and our music isn’t silent anymore,” adds Ernest.

Their first song, ‘Tum Ho’, became a super hit among the youngsters in Hyderabad. Their Hindi melodies are far removed from the mainstream and further away from the sound and fury of the electronic space today. From groovy and funky structures to deep and harmonious rhythms; ‘Treo’ packages a bouquet of surprises and throws them out every time they start a composition. And if their audios don’t get you hooked on to them, the videos surely will!

 ‘Hum Toh’ is also quite a special one for them. “This song is special as we had Poornima Sharma, an upcoming Telugu Film Actress as our lead actress in the video,” says Ernest.  They have just released a new track, ‘Aarariraro’, sung by Ernest and AR Rehman’s student Prashant Vihari.

Ernest recalls, “2012 was a successful year for us. Our first video made for the song ‘Woh Lamha’ was featured on MTV. We have a five-year-musical contract with MTV now. We were also the only band to get nominated for three national level awards within the four months of formation and have a three-year-marketing contract with ‘’.” However, if there are bouts of spring there are harsh spells of winter too as Ernest adds, “2013 was a very difficult year for the band.

It started with me being down with chicken pox in January and many recordings got cancelled. Then from the month of March till November, Darshan had to go through physiotherapy as he could not lift his left arm and the doctors advised him not to carry anything heavy items. However, we supported each other in whatever way possible. We took it real slow with one or two projects for that year. If there is one prayer for us, it is, “Let there not be another year like 2013.”

Now, the band hopes that the wind will blow here and hope to make a trip to Bengaluru as one of their next projects.

“Bengaluru has produced awesome bands over the past few years. The current scenario for music in Bengaluru is worth commenting on as every day a new band is formed. Some make it big while others do it for passion. They are all united by music which is a heart-warming feeling to see.”