Sankranthi festival

Sankranthi festival

Sankranthi festival

Sankranthi festival

Sri Rama Lalitha Kala Mandira held the annual Sankranthi festival with both vocal and instrumental (veena, flute and violin) music. Dr R N Srilatha, who gave a concert here last week, is known not only as a senior vocalist, but also as an able teacher, author and speaker. She has retired as the principal of the Fine Arts College, Mysuru.

In her current concert, Srilatha maintained the old tradition of singing both varna and pallavi in the same raga - that too in the evocative raga Saveri. It is a ancient rakti raga, which belongs to the Mayamalavagaula varga and is a ‘Audava Sampurna’ raga. It is a pleasing raga in which many composers have composed beautiful compositions. Saveri took on a majestic gait and grandeur for the pallavi set to chatusra jhampe. Varali also received appealing airing.

“Mahaganapathi” in Amruthavahini raga of Jayachamaraja Wodeyar and  “Manasa Sri Ramani” of Tyagaraja in the raga Maararanjini were yet other instances of her repertoire and mastery over the medium. Jawadi (Bhavamaina Maatalena) and the devaranama - were also soulful. Mathur Srinidhi on violin, C Cheluvaraj on mridanga and A S N Swamy on khanjari accompanied with good understanding.

Rehearsal needed

Three young women from Bengaluru established their credentials individually and collectively in the open air theatre of Sri Rama Lalitha Kala Mandira last week. Shubha Santosh on veena, Prema Vivek on violin and Vani Manjunath on flute presented a number of compositions in well established ragas. Ragas like Manirangu, Kuntalavarali, Mohana - are the choice of many connoisseurs always. They had selected popular kruthies like Swaminatha Paripalaya, Mamava Pattabhi and Vijayambike and Enduku Peddala and a pallavi set to chatusra atta thala. In the keerthana and pallavi (Mohana, Kalyani and Mohana Kalyani) they presented raga and swara by turns. They require some more rehearsals to make it impactful. B S Prashanth and Narayana Murthy supported on mridanga and ghata respectively.

Memorial concert

The R K Srikantan Trust conducted the annual Sankranthi music festival to commemorate the 96th birthday of Padmabhushana Dr R K Srikantan, doyen of Karnatic music. Prof T N Krishnan, T A S Mani and Gangadhara Sastry received the awards on Thursday.

After the inaugural function, Prof T N Krishnan gave a solo violin recital accompanied by T A S Mani on mridanga and Ranganath Chakravarthy on ghata. Opening with Nadatanumanisham, he continued the concert with Echarikaga Ra Ra, Brochevarevarura, Sarasasamadana etc. A very brief raga was rendered for few of them. Krishnan, 87 years young, played with full command over the instrument as before and with vintage flavour throughout. Thus his concert was heard by a sizeable audience with more respect than excitement.

Vocal with good feelings

Over the years, Pattabhi Ram Pandith is gradually establishing himself as a front rank singer of the State. In his concert (Sankranti music festival) on Friday, the popular varna “Sarasuda” gave him a bright start. His selection of kruthies itself was good and received appreciation. For instance, Rara ma inti, Mundu Venuka, Manasa Etulo - all are favourites of both connoisseurs and musicians. Though “Pakkala Nilabadi” was his choice for elaboration, alapana was brief. He sang with good feeling and good involvement. His career is worth watching. Mathur Srinidhi on violin, H S Sudhindra on mridanga and Gururaj on morching - rose to great heights in their supporting roles.