The bold and the beautiful

The bold and the beautiful

Aztec prints

The bold and the beautiful

In the changing world of fashion, styles evolve constantly out of one’s personal experience and from being influenced by various cultures and lifestyles. One such trending fashion statement is the ‘aztec’ print, which is one of the tribal prints. From accessories like hair bands, belts and bags to dresses, tops, mobile phone covers and even watch straps; aztec prints are making their mark and ruling the market.

 Shiny Alexander, a City-based designer, says, “Tribal print is an art form that is currently trending among youngsters; especially college students and teenagers. From jewellery to T-shirts; teenagers are seen accepting this style because of the kind of materials used.” She exclaims that bold colours is the main reason for its popularity. She adds, “Bold and contrasting colours that can be seen on these prints are one of the reasons why they are becoming popular. As youngsters today are positive about experimenting and coming out with their own style statements, they are attracted towards these designs as they are different from the usual. Moreover, with the contrasting colours, tribal prints tend to get more attention and this comes out as a style statement on its own. It’s popular in the casual front as it’s ideal while travelling as they are comfortable. This trend will be there for a while before it fades away and comes back again, with yet another.”

Apart from being unusual, this print works as a ‘cool quotient’. Srijata Bhatnagar, owner of Ethnic Shack, says, “Tribal prints are becoming popular among the youngsters and I would give all the credit to the designers who are bringing in these patterns and giving it the ‘cool’ quotient. By infusing the age-old print with a modern outlook, the designs are given a trendy look. This tends to attract eyeballs.”

Adding to this, she says, “Today, youngsters go for items that are unusual and quirky which make them stand out in the crowd. And of course, the aztec look is doing well with them. It is a way to promote a culture that has a story attached to it. It’s similar to how popular ‘kalamkari’ work is. In a way, these patterns display the uniqueness of a culture.”
The trend is more on the bolder side, rather than being ‘boho’ in look. Fashionistas in the City have a huge list to explore when it comes to the aztec print.

Designer Ritu Seksaria says, “When we talk about tribal prints, I identify more with the Indian culture rather than the Mexican culture.   Indian culture is all about tribal prints and it is great to see that this style is coming in. It is getting popular and these prints look different because each one has a specific design and pattern. I think tribal prints are going to be a big highlight of fashion in the forthcoming months.”

She mentions that youngsters like to be different and don’t want to follow the herd when it comes to fashion. “They always look for something off-beat. Moreover, tribal prints make a subdued statement. I have worked with tribal patterns on a lot of Indian attires like ‘lehengas’, long dresses and am currently working on a collection of shawls with tribal prints on them. This trend is here to stay because there are a lot of variations. Each designer is creating a different statement with the same pattern. According to me, aztec prints will be here for a long time,” she adds.