Wearing many hats

Wearing many hats

Different streaks

Wearing many hats

Ace filmmaker Sunil Kumar Desai has joined hands with actor Ramesh Aravind for his comeback project, ‘Re’. Sunil and Ramesh had worked together in ‘Nammoora Mandara Hoove’, which was a stupendous success.

Ramesh prefers to call ‘Re’ Sunil’s “bounce back” project. “As a director, Sunil knows exactly what he wants. He visualises and conceptualises every character after much thought and knows exactly what he wants from each of his characters,” he explains.

He admits that he agreed to the project also because he shares an excellent rapport with Sunil. “It’s always a pleasure to work with friends, and Sunil adds a lot of different interesting elements in his movies. This film is an endearing love story and I play the character of a man caught in a love triangle,” shares Ramesh.

About the title, Ramesh says ‘Re’ means ‘if’ in Kannada and he observes that everything is based on the word ‘if’. “There’s always an ‘if’ coming before any event or anything running in our minds. Everything in our life seems to revolve around the word ‘if’. The movie puns on this belief and is presented in an entertaining way,” he says.

The movie also has Ramesh’s long-time friend Anant Nag in the film. “Anant and I have worked together on many memorable films. What is also visible in the crackling chemistry between Anant and me,” he adds.   

And being a director himself, Ramesh says that he understands exactly what a director wishes to convey and why a role is designed the way it is. He says that he always enjoys working with directors like Sunil who really know their stuff. Ramesh always manages to surprise the audience with the range of characters he dons so effortlessly. What strikes you first when you come across the posters of Ramesh’s next film, ‘Pushpaka Vimana’, is him wearing a uniform with a cap.

 “No, I am not playing an Air Force officer but I wear a uniform because I love planes. And also because I am a little low on the IQ. I also play the character of a father whose little daughter loves planes,” he says. 

The film does well to bring out the emotions running deep between a father and daughter. “I found the role quite challenging because I play a man who not only
struggles with a low IQ but is also extremely happy and has no complaints whatsoever.
It is hard to be happy all the time but this man challenges that notion of happiness,”
he says.  

The trailer of ‘Pushpaka Vimana’ on YouTube has already gone viral, says Ramesh.
 “The outfit on the posters has left a lot of people curious about the role and the story,” he says.

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