Vocational skills training turns life around for this young farmer

Vocational skills training turns life around for this young farmer

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Vocational skills training turns life around for this young farmer

Until he was 18 years old Megharaj Mantri was just a farmer in his village, Gule in Koppal district. He worked for a daily salary of only Rs 10 to Rs 15. He neither knew how to read nor write.

But now, seven years down the line, Megharaj speaks perfect sentences in English and works as an administrator at a rural BPO.

He is the perfect example of how equipping the youth with basic skills and vocational training can make a big difference. The Central government has stressed the importance of creating a skilled labour work force by providing vocational and skills training.

“My father and mother are farmers. There were a few government schools around my home, however, my family was very poor and needed someone to help them earn more income,” he said.

Things changed for the better when representatives from an NGO came to his village to talk about the benefits of basic life skills and vocational training. Intrigued by what he heard, Megharaj wanted to know more. After passing a few rounds of interviews, he was taken to Bengaluru to train for six months.

“Before joining the training my education was zero. However I thought that I have to start somewhere. So, along with eight other students I enrolled into the programme. I was trained in English, computer skills and personal development to name a few,” he said.

While Megharaj could speak Kannada he could not read or write it. After English, he set to work on his Kannada as well.

Soon after the training, Megharaj was employed in a rural BPO in Gangavati, Koppal, that was started by the same organisation that trained him. A few years down the line, he rose to become the team lead. A few of his batchmates are also employed in other companies.

Megharaj successfully passed the SSLC examination in 2015 and is now preparing for PUC.

“I left my job as the team lead in the BPO as I wanted to do something else. Now I work as an administrator. I never want to stop learning,” he said.