Living a new dream

Living a new dream

Living a new dream
Many a time, we go to a place for a vacation and wonder if we could make a living there or settle down with the family there. While for many, the thought might only last for a few days of the trip, for Harshit and Madhumita, the idea never wore off.

“When we lived in Mumbai, we would come down to Bengaluru at least once a month to visit our friends. We loved the place so much that when we decided to leave the ‘City of Dreams’, Bengaluru was the place where we wanted to start a new life,” they say.

Originally hailing from Ranchi, the couple are happy to have made this city their home for three years now. Despite their many visits here,  initially, they felt like strangers here. Madhumita says, “We had come here so many times, but when we officially moved in, we felt out of place. Language was a huge problem and the City seemed a lot bigger than we thought it would be. But thanks to our friends, we’ve made it through and we can’t imagine being part of any other city.”

The couple also have a 10-month-old baby boy, Hridhaan, who they are proud to call a Bengalurean. “While we didn’t get a chance to grow up here, we’re glad that our boy will grow up to be a true Bengalurean. We hope to give him the best,” they say.

While Harshit is a lawyer, Madhumita works as a marketing professional. The ‘foodies’ love roaming the City to explore new restaurants. Some of their favourite eateries are ‘Nagarjuna’, ‘Kanua’ and ‘The Fisherman's Wharf’.

Talking about their life back home, Madhumita says, “Ranchi is a small city where there weren’t many shopping complexes and multiplexes. It’s more of a scenic place where everyone knew each other. Having grown up in a joint family, it was difficult to live on our own. We know that our son will always be in safe hands if we were back home.” But she’s happy that she gets to visit her family every six months. “I miss my family and  friends a lot. So whenever my friends visit us from our hometown, I ask my mom to send across some food,” she smiles.

The couple also miss the festivals back home. While everything is celebrated grandly there, they say it’s very specific here. “The celebrations are definitely better there because everyone comes together as one. Here, it’s just specific communities who gather and celebrate. So whenever there’s a big festival like the ‘Chhath Puja’, we usually go back home,” they say.

Before they moved to Bengaluru, the couple also spent a fair share of their life in Mumbai. Recollecting memories there, they say, “The lifestyle in Mumbai is completely different. People are always busy and carefree. Since we weren’t married at the time, we spent a lot of time partying and eating out. But one thing we found weird was that it’s also almost impossible to find a house with a balcony there. So in those terms, Bengaluru is like a fresh breeze — quite literally too because of the balcony!”

During their stay here, they have made short trips to Puducherry, Mysuru, Coorg and Wayanad. They also enjoy going on long drives to Nandi Hills.

Though they like everything about the City, there’s one thing that bothers them. They share, “The City is getting crowded as the days go by and it’s becoming difficult to even find a space for parking. It would be great if the Metro lines are completed so that it helps in better connectivity. Also, people should try to opt for carpool more often.”