Ganesh, Sucharitha triumph in 100 metres

Ganesh, Sucharitha triumph in 100 metres

Ganesh S of Alva’s College of Hospital Administration and Sucharitha S of AJ Institute of Medical Science bagged the top honours, clinching the 100 metres gold in the men’s and women’s categories respectively on day one of the RGUHS 17th Annual Inter-Collegiate Athletic Meet here at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium on Wednesday.

Ganesh clocked 10.8 seconds to finish first ahead of team-mate CE Manoharan (11.1) and Naveen AK (11.4) of Father Muller Medical College.  Sucharitha bagged the yellow metal in a time of 14.0 seconds, edging out Chaitra HM (14.1) of Bapuji Ayurvedic, Shivamogga. Srujana S of Alva’s College of Hospital Administration bagged the bronze. Suchitra of Aj Institute of MS, Mangaluru won the gold in triple jump (9.68).

Amith Patil of KLE Society’s of College of Pharmacy, Nipani bagged a double, winning the 1500M and 5000M gold. In the women’s category, Kihana Mirza of St Joseph’s Medical College dazzled, winning the 1500M and 5000M.

Results: Men: 100M: Ganesh S (Alva's College of Hospital Administration) 10.8, 1; CE Manoharan (Alva's) 11.1, 2; Naveen AK (Father Muller Medical College) 11.4, 3.

1500M: Amith Patil (KLE Society's College of Pharmacy, Nipani) 4:23.5, 1; Nithin M (MMC & RI) 4:48.5, 2; Vikranth Gill (BMC BIDAR) 4:49.8, 3.

5000M: Amith Patil (KLE) 16:51.6, 1; Rahoul Gonsalves (St Johns Medical College) 18:46.2, 2; Nithin M (MMC & RI) 19:20.8, 3.

400M hurdles: Salman KP (Navodaya Dental College) 1:04.1, 1; Kevin Saldana (St Johns Medical College) 1:07.5, 2; Alen JM (Lakshmi Memorial College of Physiotherapy) 1:09.4, 3.

High jump: Shiva Kumar (MMC & RI) 1.58M, 1; Amal Sebastian (Alva’s College of Moodabidre) 1.58, 2; Akhil Sebastin (Alva’s College of Moodabidre) 1.55M, 3.

Triple jump: Mohammed Sajad (KVG Dental College Sullia) 12.46M, 1; Alvin Kuriakose (Father Muller Medical College) 12.15M, 2; Abdul Hafil KA Srinivas College of Pharmacy 12.09 M, 3.

Shot put: Noel Thomas (KVG Dental College) 10.82M, 1; Niranjan (MIMS, Mandya) 9.52M, 2; Karnasingh R Nargund (Sonia College of Pharmacy) 9.51M, 3.

Women: 100M: Sucharitha S (AJ Institute of Medical Science, Mysore) 14.0, 1; Chaitra HM (Bapuji Ayurvedic, Shivammoga) 14.1, 2; Srujana S (Alva's) 14.3, 3.

1500M: Kihana Mirza (St Joseph’s Medical College) 6:04.6, 1; Sneha T (DR BR AMC, Bengaluru) 6:06.4, 2; Roopa (Government College of Nursing, Hubbali) 6:36.3, 3.

5000M: Kihana Mirza (St Joseph’s Medical College) 26:45.5, 2; Ashwini Kiroji (SDM Institute of Nursing Science, Hubbali) 26:51.9, 2; Prasanna KP (KLE Institute of Nursing, Hubballi (27:25.6) 3.

400M hurdles: Divya Sharma (Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Science & RC (1:30.4) 1; Leeba Jacob (Navodaya Dental College) 1:37.2, 2; Ajana Sebastian (City Hospital Charitable Trust) 1:45.9, 3.

High jump: Chaitra Shree HM (Bapuji Medical College of Shimoga) 1.26M, 1; Srujana S (Alva's College of Hospital Administration) 1.23M, 2; Anjana Sebastian (City Hospital Charitable Trust) 1.14M, 3.

Triple jump: Suchithra (AJ Institute of MS Mangalore) 9.68M, 1; Srujana S (Alva’s College of Moodabidre) 9.25M, 2; Chaitra Sree (Bapuji Aurvedic College) 9.06M, 3.
 Shot put: Rashma K (Alva's College of Hospital Administration) 7.48M, 1; Suganya (Sri Devaraj College of Nursing, Kolar) 7.43M, 2; Mariam Zaina (RV College of Physiotherapy) 7.30M, 3.

Javelin throw: Rashma K (Alva's College of Hospital Administration) 20.22M, 1; Bobby Dui (MEJ) 18.74M, 2; A Jahnavi Reddy (Dayanadasagar College of Pharmacy) 16.80M, 3.