Awaken the divine within

Awaken the divine within

'Humanity has departed from this world', 'Man has become worse than a beast' or 'Man has become stonyhearted' are some the words that frequently come out of people's mouth nowadays. Needless to say these disappointing words are a result of the pathetic state of society we live in.

Today we see when someone doesn't receive the desired treatment from another person, he is often heard saying the latter lacks humanity, soberness or he is a disgraceful man.

With massive viewing of porn, nudity and eroticism in movies, literature, and also in arts and theatre, it won't be an exaggeration to say man today has become debased or he has come down to the level of an animal. Also, with the increasing number of "gang rapes" on minor girls, it is quite evident there is no difference between man and beast or man and devil. All of these bring us to an important question: what are those human values or attributes because of which man has been placed on the highest pedestal?

According to learned saints and sages, in actual sense, it is humanity that differentiates a man from a demon or a devil. Yes, we all have experienced this in our lives that people with devilish traits or bad sanskars are not only unhappy with themselves, but they also make others unhappy leaving no stone unturned.

Such people, in seeking their selfish ends, don't care at all that their actions are hurting others and causing mental agony to them. Out of arrogance, they always end up violating rules of conduct and morality as well as social conventions.

That is why it is said that 'a demon does not know the value of honesty, faithfulness, obedience and civility, whereas, for a man, these are basic values.'

Thus, honesty, faithfulness, integrity, civility and etiquette, discipline or self-control and balance of mind are human virtues that help maintain stability, peace and love in human relations, thereby preventing troubles, quarrels and squabbles and consequent peacelessness in the world. However, the scenario we see today is very grim and worrying because society is gripped tightly by devilish forces that force man to indulge in various kinds of antisocial, cruel and destructive activities, as a result of which he commits crimes, disrupts social life by resorting to sabotage and vandalism and destroys the peace of the community.

It may thus be said humility and vicelessness are human values, whereas self-conceit and other passions are devilish traits and, as the best creation of God, it becomes mandatory that we humans possess these values or virtues.

But what we practically see today is that, owing to the disruption of these human values, the world has turned into hell and hence, by re-establishing these values alone can New Age be ushered in.