Knitted love, from granny

Knitted love, from granny

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Like many women, Kaushalya Shroff’s life revolved around taking care of her family and household. Over the years, her children settled down and got busy raising their respective families. But, after her husband passed away a few years back, there was a void in her life which she found hard to fill, and did not know how to utilise her time.

Though a knitter, the 72-year-old grandmother had not knit for many years until she visited a relative and saw a rug at their house. And ever since, she’s had strands of wool wrapped around her fingers.

“Once nani got going, she started knitting beautiful blankets and rugs to give as gifts. Besides making blankets for all the kids in the family, she gifted over a hundred rugs to family and friends,” says Radhika Agarwal, her granddaughter.

Then in 2014, Agarwal’s mother and her aunt suggested creating a platform where the immense talent of the nanis and dadis could be showcased, and their beautiful hand-knit products be sold. This led to the idea for Knitty Nani, a platform which aims to create a space for “interaction, appreciation, and revenue generation for an age group which is often marginalised”.

“We hope that this will contribute greatly to their self-worth. A few nanis have recently joined us, and we’re hoping to be associated with many more!” she tells Metrolife.

Knitty Nani products comprise hand-knit rugs, blankets, cushions, ottomans, mufflers, toys, bags, doggie bowties among other things. The whole range can be seen on their
Facebook page, through which they currently operate.

“Nani wanted to experiment with wool and go beyond the traditional sweater. Home accessories have been very well-received, and our highest selling items are the rugs and ottomans. While rugs start at about Rs 800 for the round ones, the ottomans start at Rs 2,500,” says Agarwal, who handles the photography and social media operations.

While the team posts product photos on their page, and orders can be placed via messages on the same or over the phone, people can also get their products customised.

“Yes! All our products can be customised as per requirements. We’re also open to completely new product ideas. We are based in Delhi, but our products can be delivered anywhere in India,” she says.