No 'mast' in this 'mohabbat'

No 'mast' in this 'mohabbat'

Mast Mohabbat
Kannada (U/A)
Director: Mohan Malige
Cast: Prem, Poonam Bajwa, Naveen Krishna, Chikkanna, Raju Talikote, Shashikala

Treading safe path, debutant director Mohan Malige, brings onto screen a routine romance.

Malige fails to bring any newness in his enterprise. As a result, Mast Mohabbat, is anything but what its tantalising title touts to be.

The film kicks off on violent note, wherein a badly battered, bruised blood soaked love birds cock a snook at their detractors reaffirming their unwavering love for each other with a kiss.

That done, Malige goes on to prove film’s tagline One Life, One Love, nothing can come in the way of true love charting the cupid saga of Sri and Maya.

Sri, CEO of software company, believes there is nothing like hardwork to succeed in life given that he comes from middle class background.

This untiring CEO, however, wills himself a break to visit sister and brother-in-law in Ooty.

En route to he bumps into Maya, whom he saves, and surprisingly, both check in at same hotel. Cupid blossoms.

Sri, is, however, unaware Maya is a call girl, until his friend informs him. But love knows no such discrimination.

Lacking taut script and narration, the film turns out trite and tiresome watch.
Further infuriating is double meaning comedy track of comic duo Chikkanna and Raju Talikote. Sadly Lovely Star Prem does his best to make Mast Mohabbat lively, but fails.

Poonam Bajwa is just pretty prop. You are none the loser if this mohabbat is given a miss.