'Keep non-Delhi bound trucks off capital roads'

'Keep non-Delhi bound trucks off capital roads'

AAP govt shoots off letters to neighbouring states

Aam Aadmi Party government on Saturday shot off letters urging its border-sharing states to divert non-Delhi bound trucks away from the Capital.

The government wants to curb vehicular pollution in the outlying areas of Delhi, according to the letter.

Delhi government has been claiming that pollution reduced by 20-25 per cent in inner parts of Delhi due to the 15-day odd-even rationing of road space that concluded last week.

“The main contributor of this pollution in peripheral areas has been found to be the diesel driven trucks, which cross for destinations other than the Capital city. Hon’ble Supreme Court has already expressed its concerns and has imposed Environment Compensation Cess (ECC) on such non-destined vehicles,” Transport Minister Gopal Rai said in his recent letter to Haryana Transport Minister Krishan Lal Panwar and Uttar Pradesh Minister of State for Transport Yasar Shah.

Transport Minister Gopal Rai also thanked Centre for laying the foundation stone of East and Western Peripheral Expressway.

He said it will help “non-destined” diesel-fumed trucks to keep away from polluting Delhi’s air.

“I request you to monitor these projects and give priority to the progress of these projects, so that these are completed before the scheduled time as this will help in reducing the pollution and also prove to be life-saver for the citizens of Delhi,” Rai said in a separate letter to the Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari on Thursday.

Meanwhile, in its submission before the Delhi government, the Delhi Transport Corporation on Saturday reported a spike in collection from sale of tickets during the odd-even days.

Delhi government had asked DTC to report on how it faired during the odd-even drive. The government plans to resolve concerns surrounding reimplementation of the odd-even scheme, which includes enhancing the efficiency of public transport.