Man beaten to death by truck drivers

Man beaten to death by truck drivers

A 24-year-old man was beaten to death by a group of truck drivers who tied him to a pole after he was caught stealing goods from a godown on Sunday morning. The police have arrested four persons.

A resident of Bhalaswa Dairy, Rafikul Rahman used to live with his wife and two children, and has a case of robbery registered against him at the Bhalaswa Dairy police station in 2011, for which he had gone to jail also.

According to the police, Rahman arrived at a godown in Swarup Nagar extension’s gali no-9 with four other men with the intention of theft at around 9.30 am on Sunday.

“Rahman and his four other partners were looting a truck driver, Ramakant Mishra. As they were trying to snatch money from him, Mishra grabbed Rahman with his collar and started screaming for help. The group of robbers flashed a knife and slashed Mishra’s hand. However, Mishra didn’t let Rahman go,’’ said a senior police officer.

“Hearing the noise of their fellow truck driver, Rajkumar Mishra, Ritesh Mishra and Pawan Shukla came running towards Ramakant, seeing which the four thieves ran away from the spot, leaving Rahman at the mercy of the four truck drivers,’’ the officer added.


The truck driver Ramakant narrated his ordeal to his fellow drivers, after which the four dragged Rahman down to an electric pole, tied him to it with a piece of rope, before assaulting him with fists and sticks, said the police.

Seeing a man tied to a pole and getting beaten, a crowd gathered around. Ramakant, then narrated the incident to the people, provoking them to attack him. After which a next round of assault started where, every passerby hit Rahman with fists and kicks.

“His nose, mouth and eyes were bleeding, and he was begging for mercy, however, the assault kept going for more than one hour until Rahman got unconscious, after that the attackers fled from the place,’’ said an eyewitness.

When the news of the assault reached Rahman’s family members, they reached at the spot, and encircled him not allowing anyone to come near Rahman. His family members didn’t even allow the police to come near him, as they were demanding the media to come there first.

After media people reached at the spot, then only Rahaman’s family members allowed the police to take him to the nearby hospital, where the doctors pronounced him brought dead.

Meanwhile, Rahman’s family members have refused the allegation that he was a thief. According to them, Rahman used to work as a ragpicker.

Hailing from Kolkata, Rahman’s wife Phooljaan, alleged that they had got a phone call from the accused truck drivers in the morning where they were demanding Rs 5,000 from her in return of not harming Rahman further.