Break free from logic

Break free from logic

He takes one to the mountains and gracefully drops one back to the clubs through his cross-genre music. With unmatched electronic and acoustic sounds, Arfaaz Kagalwala aka Fuzzy, has gained an international recognition for his ever-changing and ever-evolving style in the world of melodies. ‘Breathe a while, trace your shadow, free your mind, who would know? Let’s have a laugh...’ — with lyrics composed by him inspired by his personal experiences, he merges the happy tunes of monsoon with nostalgic vibe of the bright days.

A rock band drummer in his school days, he has had his share of “cheerful struggles” as an artiste. “I got into producing music by chance,” says Fuzzy, “I never was schooled in music. I was quite musical as a kid and joined the high school band as a drummer when the original drummer of the band backed out. I did not even have a drum kit then. From here, I became a part of many other nonmetal band, which gradually dissolved.” While the bands dissolved over time, Fuzzy’s love for music grew and evolved with time. He moved on from being just a drummer to producing his own sounds. Not constraining his tunes to a single genre, he explored his skills as an independent musician, which reckoned him with the fame of his solo music venture — ‘Fuzzy Logic’.

“‘Fuzzy Logic’ is primarily an electronic outlet which has become a huge part of my life. This has been my serious tryst with music and I have succeeded in releasing two EPs, which has given me an international recognition, after getting offers for shows from Europe,” he says. A luscious and dreamy soundscape, his popular EPs are ‘Guerilla Monsoon’ and ‘Money Talks’. While ‘Guerilla Monsoon’ instills the sounds of monsoon and takes one to the slow yet urgent aura of the season, ‘Money Talks’ gives an insight to how the world runs on money and nothing else. “I have done field recording of the ambient sounds for these EPs and also included acoustic sounds from some of the alternative instruments like trumpet and mandoline,” he explains.

  A talented artiste who moves away from the mainstream pop music culture, he opines the present popular genre EDM to be ‘trash’ and goes on, “Today’s pop music is EDM, but I want to stay humble as an artiste and not trick the audience into liking some trash sounds. With a lot of encouragement from music lovers by my side, I look forward to exploring the ambience space. When I say ambient, it is definitely not devoid of beats, as I primarily cannot avoid beats being a drummer. But the tunes are relaxed with passive motifs.”

Peppy, groovy and melodious, his empirical calibre in music has helped him grow as an independent artiste and led him towards creating music for a few TV shows and advertisements very recently. “Through my sharpening skills, I got into the advertising world and I look forward to exploring the off beat and independent movie stream in the near future,” he signs off.

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