From tyres to trees

From tyres to trees

Ever thought of re-using discarded tyres lying in your garage to make premium quality rubber for synthetic sport fields, construction, adhesives, landscaping, non-slip pavings and mats? If yes, then Tyrelessly is here to make things easier for you. The recently-launched initiative offers an environmentally compliant end-of-life tyre collection and disposal service.

“The advent of winters in India means tyres, being a popular choice for heat source, becoming a common sight on roads. One day in 2015, while returning from a class, I saw a dozen tyres piled on the roadside; 200 metres passed and the same situation, the only difference being that this time someone was burning them. I saw fumes rising, and realised that the environmental impact of this could be very disastrous,” says
Anubhav Wadhwa, the brain behind the initiative.

On reaching home, the 16-year-old student of Pathways World School in Aravali, Googled up the environmental impact of burning tyres and the systems in place to avoid the situation, only to be left disappointed.

“No systems were in place; moreover a majority of industries burn tyres in a manner that is hazardous to the environment. I learnt that pyrolysis is the way forward and a system for collection of tyres is necessary. This got me thinking and led me to develop Tyrelessly, an end-of-life tyre aggregator working through an efficient platform, which could be helpful to the environment,” he tells Metrolife.

Currently available in the Delhi NCR area, Tyrelessly is being described as “India’s first ‘tyres-to-trees’ company” which will encourage responsible motorists to donate their end-of-life tyres for responsible disposal, material recovery, energy recovery.

By following a few simple steps, vehicle owners can choose to have their vehicle’s end-of-life tyres disposed off safely.

All that a tyre owner needs to do is to log in to the Tyrelessly site and click on the option ‘Go Tyreless’, following which the team sends a van to pick up the tyres from one’s doorstep and send the same for recycling.

“The goal is to inspire smarter choices for a more sustainable future. We believe that individual actions, such as increasing recycling or learning about greener ways to dispose, can add up to a big impact for our planet. We cannot do this alone. Our partnerships with people, municipalities, waste haulers and community and national brands will help us reach and motivate millions of people to join our movement towards more sustainable living,” he says.

He informs that an average weight passenger car tyre can be reduced to more than 2.5 kg of valuable carbon black, over 19,000 British thermal unit of gas, one kg of steel and two litres of oil.

“Tyrelessly is able to get 450 litres of fuel, 150 litres of petroleum gas, 75 kg of steel, and 250 kg of carbon from 1,000 kg of tyres. As a part of our material recovery strategy, we also segregate and grade end-of-life tyres for producing environmentally sustainable products. Our rubber crumb and buffing products are used in civil construction, synthetic sport fields, landscaping, mats, non-slip pavements, and a raw material for adhesives and resins,” he says.

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