A 'whisk' taker

A 'whisk' taker

A 'whisk' taker

Life may have a lot of questions but there’s nothing that cupcakes, cakes and cookies can’t solve — at least that’s the case for Jeyadra! She’s been taking over the kitchen ever since she was three-years-old and has only become better since then. She dove into the world of baking shortly after and found herself mesmerised with the new world of whisks, spatulas and cookie cutters.

While baking is her passion, she also has another job that she loves. Jeyadra says, “I am a Master Data Specialist by profession and a baker by passion. So I work for more than 100 hours a week — about nine hours in office and come back home to bake. I’m usually up to three to four in the morning finishing up my orders.” She prefers to take 10 orders a week so that she doesn’t feel too pressurised.

 Growing up, she exhibited her baking skills to her friends and family. When she saw the positive outcome of her hard work, she decided to commercially sell her desserts to others as well. Currently, she has 19,000 followers on her Facebook page ‘Cupcakes, Cakes & Cookies’.

During her weekends, she also conducts workshops for other baking enthusiasts. She says, “I conduct my workshops at home with around five to eight students. I teach them how to make bread, ice cream, cake, cheesecake and more.”

What sets Jeyadra apart from the other bakers is her use of ingredients — she uses only organic ones. She explains, “I’m very particular about the quality of my cakes. I don’t use anything other than organic products and that includes my flour and sugar as well. I only use range eggs and belgium chocolates. Using such ingredients makes a huge difference with the quality of the dessert.” She draws her inspiration from many other bakers and adds her own element to it. She believes her designs are rustic and vintage, with a classic finish.

Some of her creations have been ‘Belgian chocolate cake with German hazelnut filling, ‘Vanilla rosette smash cake’, ‘Semi clad vanilla cake’, ‘Baker choco swirl cheesecake’, ‘Italian lemon baked cheesecake with fresh blueberries’, ‘Cocoa peanut madness’ and ‘Colourful vanilla cake’. But her main interest lies in making tall cakes. She says, “I’ve heard about it being a huge trend in the west and I want to make tall cakes a big deal here also. I’ve made a couple of them for my clients and it’s been a huge success. One of my recent favourites is when I made a 10-inch tall rainbow cake for my client’s son’s birthday party. The best part about it was that it was just a 2 kg cake!”

With her busy life that she leads, she hopes to quit her day job soon and find a nice cosy place to have her workshops. “I love my day job. But baking is my passion; it brings out the best in me. So I’m looking for a better place to conduct my workshops and start a cafe with it. The process of finding one is still going on, but I hope to find it very soon,” she exclaims. But till then, let’s have cake!