Ban on animal sacrifice leaves devotees disheartened

Ban on animal sacrifice leaves devotees disheartened

Ban on animal sacrifice leaves devotees disheartened

The High Court’s order banning animal sacrifice at places of worship has left the devotees disappointed, as they said that the custom of sacrificing fowls or sheep for the deity, as thanksgiving during the festival, has been followed since decades at Chikkallur.

Though they abide by the order, the district administration had to clarify where exactly the animal sacrifice is not allowed. The devotees had presumed that the fowls could have offered but at a distance from the temple and were carrying the animals with them. But, the officials have been seizing the animals at the checkpost itself, at a distance of 20 km from the temple, and have been filing cases against them.

One of the locals said, the officials had been seizing even animals that were being reared in the village. They are demanding proof for rearing them, unnecessarily harassing the public. Now, the people are hesitating to visit the temple due to the harassment, the person added.

Mass feeding

‘Sahapankthi bhojana’ is a popular ritual during the festival. Devotees take part in mass feeding, where non-vegetarian food is served, to fulfill one’s vow.  But, due to the alleged harassment by the district administration, devotees of K V N Doddi removed their tents and left the place.

HC order

When contacted, a resident of K V N Doddi said, the officials had been citing the High Court order and were not allowing them to fulfill their vow, hurting their sentiments. Hence, they returned to their village, for the first time, without performing the ritual, he said.

However, the district administration continued seizing animals even on Tuesday. Thirty sheep and more than 1,000 fowls were seized.