MLC offers to quit if charges against him are proved

MLC offers to quit if charges against him are proved

MLC M A Gopalaswamy said he would resign if the allegations against the Congress and him, made by MLA and JD(S) leader H D Revanna, were proved, on Wednesday.

Addressing reporters here, the MLC said, Revanna’s allegations that he won the MLC election due to money power were baseless.

“Revanna should prove his allegations against me or else he should retire from politics. He should lodge a complaint and produce the documents before the Election Commission, if he is sure of the allegations,” Gopalaswamy challenged.

After A Manju took charges as the District In-charge Minister, Revanna is losing his hold and popularity in the district. The JD(S) is afraid of Zilla and Taluk Panchayat elections and thus the leaders are making baseless allegations against the Congress and its leaders. During the MLC election, Revanna himself had distributed money in Alur to his party workers, he alleged.

Sugar factory

Gopalaswamy listed out various irregularities in the Chamundeshwari Sugar Factory. The factory, under private management, has failed to follow the norms laid out by the government. Though the factory was handed over to the company on lease when Kumaraswamy was chief minister, the factory has not paid the money as per the agreement till date, he said.

“The authorities have not paid Rs 5 crore to the government as per the agreement. The factory needs no administrative council but, an administrative officer. The administrative council will favour only a section of the people. Even though there was a single tender, the sugar factory was handed over to the company. I will release the documents to prove the irregularities, soon,” said Gopalaswamy.