Indian-Americans form committee to support Trump

Indian-Americans form committee to support Trump

Indian-Americans form committee to support Trump

 Hailing Donald Trump as US' "best hope", a group of Indian-Americans has formed a political action committee to campaign for the Republican presidential front-runner and asserted that the community would benefit the most from his policies.

'Indian-Americans for Trump 2016', which was registered as a political action committee (PAC) on January 21 with the federal election commission, is aimed at garnering support of Indian-Americans to have Trump become the next US President.

"On realising that the agenda of Donald J Trump for President 2016 is focused on reviving the American economy, rightly bringing America on the world stage, defeating terrorism and establishing peace through strength; many Indian-Americans believe that he is the best hope for America and the right candidate to be the next president of the United States," the PAC said in a statement.

"The officers of the Indian-Americans for Trump 2016 urge all Americans to join in the effort and support Donald Trump in his endeavour to make America great again by electing him the next President of the USA," it said.

The PAC said A D Amar, a business professor with Seton Hall University in New Jersey has been elected as its president while New York-based attorney Anand Ahuja will be its vice president.

The Trump Campaign, which so far has been vocal against PAC culture in the country and has said that he is self- funding the election, did not comment immediately on the formation of the 'Indian American for Donald Trump 2016'.

"This is only the first step. We are on the side of Trump for this election," Amar told PTI after the announcement.

"We believe that Trump would be the nominee of the Republican party and he would be the president on the United States," he said.

Amar said at this moment Trump is the best for the United States and Indian-Americans.
He cited Trump's policies on illegal immigration and economy in particular as the main reasons for the Indian Americans to support him.

"Indian Americans would benefit the most from his policies," Amar said.