Of bikers and their travel stories

Of bikers and their travel stories

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Ambika Sharma often goes on bike trips, both solo and in groups, to travel to relatively lesser known destinations. And while she enjoys exploring the uncharted road, she admits to have often felt that a basic understanding of the locale would help her prepare better for the journey. Led by this urge, she recently launched Trails of India, an exclusive platform for bikers to know everything about biking off the frequently travelled roads.

Launched in December 2015, the initiative is meant to give bikers a platform to swap stories and help out fellow bikers with the information regarding the trails they’re about to choose, such as what route to take or avoid, viable stopover points, recommended accommodation or emergency provisions to take care of.

Hence, Trails of India can best be described as a social media and lifestyle platform for bikers and travel enthusiast. “But”, she says, “It is so much more than a regular social media platform. The adventures are brought to life as bikers interact, share stories and help each other out by recommending trails.”

“It also lets them connect with dealers and figure out what accessories would be the best fit for their machines,” Sharma, founder Pulp Strategy - a service agency which launched the platform, tells Metrolife.

Being described as the community’s “own space”, the content on the platform is focused on motorcycling and bikers, stories, profiles, travel tips as well as technology, aftermarket parts, accessories, groups, events are focused on bikers.

“We encourage bikers to share their stories, and their knowledge. It’s a community which shares and guides fellow bikers freely. A lot of the riders and groups participate because it’s their platform —by the bikers for the bikers,” she says, adding that bikers get to experience travel in a way that is not possible in any other mode of travel.