Family, fitness and fun!

Family, fitness and fun!

My perfect weekend

Family, fitness and fun!

Being an actor, my life revolves around dates and not days. There are times when I shuttle so much between shooting schedules that I lose track of whether it is a weekday or a weekend. But if I ever happen to get a weekend to myself, I prefer to spend it with my family and don’t make any other commitments.

I begin my day by working out at the gym for a couple of hours. A lot of people have asked me if I get tired of working out, but I tell them that it is like brushing my teeth. It’s a habit that is ingrained in me and I don’t compromise on my gym routine whatsoever.

Weekends are meant to be relaxed and since our children — Eshaan and Ayaan — are home only for the weekends, as they are busy with school on the other days. My wife Sonali and I make sure that we spend all our time with them. Sonali is not working at the moment because our children are young and need a lot of attention. She more than makes up for my absence. In fact, it is she who takes the kids out to lunch or dinner and buys them whatever they want when I am not around. 

Whenever I am home for a weekend, the excitement starts on Friday morning itself. After the children return from school, we usually go to our favourite restaurant. 

Saturday and Sunday mornings begin very late. On a Saturday, I also drive Eshaan and Ayaan to their martial art classes. I also go for swimming with my children. Since, I travel most of the year, I do a lot interesting activities with my sons over the weekend. They are good with art and craft and I sometimes join in and help them with their craftwork too. My children like playing outdoor games and I encourage them to do the same.

 Food is a big part of every Punjabi’s life and I am no different. There are a lot of typical Punjabi dishes that I like but I’ve stuck to a strict diet. I usually go for a salad diet and Sonali always comes up with interesting variations to it. I always make sure I eat within limits and if I ever indulge, I spend a few extra hours at the gym. I strongly believe that we should eat healthy to stay healthy and I make sure to inculcate this belief in my children as well.

Weekends are also about movies. This is also the time when I pull out my old collection of DVDs and watch them one after another. If I am travelling and happen to spend an extended weekend overseas, then I make sure I take my family along. I also make time to catch up with my friends  which include those from outside the film fraternity as well.

Sometimes, I travel to my hometown Moga in Punjab and meet my parents.

Weekends offer me the luxury to unwind. This is the only time when I can relax. However, I have no complaints because I enjoy my work and the rush that comes with it.”

A few of my favourite things
*Playing the guitar