Slip into summer

Slip into summer

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Slip into summer

Time and again, we have seen numerous fashion trends ruling the market, but they stay just for a while and then disappear. And after a few years, the same trends hit the streets again. The only difference is that the second time they come with much innovation and experimentation. This is probably why fashion is called a cycle.

From the retro style to the era of flares and layers, the fashion world has seen it all, each time with a twist.

More recently, a similar style is making a comeback and that is the slip dress. It was in the 90s when this trend first hit the runway, and popular faces, including Kate Moss, were seen flaunting them. 

Designer Geetika Makharia, who has been giving slip dress a new form and style, says, “Fashion has evolved and transformed tremendously in the past 20 years, and today it’s all about tweaking the style of the 90s. A trend back then, the slip dress was bound to make a major comeback. They are sexy and laid back, silky and luscious and are easier to just slip into.”

About how confident one can be in these dresses, she says, “Today, it is all about being stylish and if a slip dress is styled correctly, it could be ‘the’ thing for an occasion. Being confident is being unique.”

A slip dress might look simple and specific to an occasion but it can be worn in various ways. One can sport strappy sandals, lace up stilettos or pair it up with basic flat gladiator sandals. “One can become a little edgy when it comes to wearing a slip dress, and pair it with ankle length boots and style it with a chunky sweater which would look different, quirky and fun,” says Geetika. She adds, “Slip dresses are all about street style fashion and one can wear it when shopping, for a lunch date or even for parties.”

Though slip dresses can look similar, the difference is clear when looking at the fabrics used. The different cuts and designs also help differentiate one dress from the other. The asymmetric hemlines, fringe embellishments, thin straps with satin, cotton, chiffon and lace are some of the trending styles this season.
Designer Masumi Mewawalla says, “One can wear more chiffons or laces, and opt for a backless dress with thin strap. These dresses are comfortable and easy to wear, so many women consider them as a quick-pick to slide on.” She adds, “Women today are getting comfortable wearing these dresses as they are more like an underlay. If we look back, slip dresses were seen often as a red carpet look or lounge wear but now, it is getting incorporated with laces and net to give it a more casual look in mini, mid and floor length dresses. It is an ideal wear for a casual brunch, where one can go for a pleated-cotton slip dress or a long black satin slit slip dress for the sleek dinner look.”

After going through a lot of transformation, slip dresses today are more detailed with a velvety finish. Designer Riddhi Arora says, “Slip dresses are all about the spaghetti straps which complement your shoulders. The silky fabric which is mostly used enhances one’s body and makes them look stylish and confident. They give a very chic look. Slip dresses can easily look like a night gown, therefore styling it in the correct way is the key.”

She adds, “Pairing it with a structured blazer, a statement necklace or colourful pumps can complete the look. They have become daytime alternatives to the staple sundress or shirt dress. Back in the 90s the slip dresses were all about the shimmer, however
this has evolved to being classy for any occasion.”

Some of the materials and fabrics used, she says, are mostly nylon tricot or a satin, which are enhanced with various styles, cuts and designs.

According to Riddhi, accessorising the outfits can make a big difference and she adds, “Slip dresses can also become ideal office wear. All one needs to do is to pair it with a cardigan or form-fitted blazer and they are good to go. Styling the dress with an oversized shirt and flats, or a motor jacket for a concert night can make heads turn.”