'IoT should give primacy on analytics on edge'

'IoT should give primacy on analytics on edge'

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'IoT should give primacy on analytics on edge'

 Analog Devices India, part of the Nasdaq-listed $3.5-billion revenue US semiconductor company which specialises in data conversion and signal processing technology, is charting a new path in the internet of things (IoT) vertical by giving primacy on analytics on edge.

In an interaction with Deccan Herald, Analog Devices India Managing Director Somshubhro Pal Choudhury said the company is against the idea of putting each data on the cloud platform.

“Analog Devices is transforming the journey where data can be deployed on the cloud. If we send every data, the device’s battery life will be in trouble. We have to intelligently interpret the data at every step as we go from sensor to cloud,” he said.

The company developed Blackfin processor, for which the Bengaluru centre played a major role. “It was designed for a low-power, unified processor architecture that can run operating systems while simultaneously handling complex numeric tasks such as real-time H.264 video encoding,” he said.

Choudhury said that whatever information can be processed at the processor-level it should be finished at that level. “If it is possible to do it at the gateway level, we should do it at that point itself. After getting these inputs, we should put it on the cloud and make knowledge out of it,” he added.

IoT design hub

He said the company developed Blackfin processor cameras to analyse data real-time and give alerts. “We have developed solutions for analysing image data from ATM counters and the Bengaluru centre played a major role,” he said.

Choudhury said the globe will have 50 billion connected devices, and IoT will give business value of $3.9 trillion to 11 trillion. “We have established our IoT design hub in Bengaluru, and Analogue Devices’ IoT head is based out of here,”he said.

Analog Devices, which is on its 21st year in India, has a well-established network of around 200 clients across India. The Bengaluru centre of Analog Devices is the third largest centre out of its 33 centres spread globally, after its headquarters in Ireland.