Udupi CMC to provide water supply every second day

Udupi CMC to provide water supply every second day

The City Municipal Council will take immediate measures to limit the water supply on alternate days as against the current supply on every day. The move has been taking owing to the impending threat of having to face shortage of water in the reservoirs.

Council president Yuvaraj, who spoke to counsellors at a general body meeting on Saturday, said that the decision pertaining to water supply would be taken shortly. The supply issue was being raised by members Ramesh Kanchan and Shyam Prasad Kudva. Another member M R Pai alleged that if the water problems persisted in January itself, the matter would swell in the days to come.

Kanchan said that the irregularity in the timing of water supply has created problems for the public. The members also said that there would be acute shortage of water in the days to come due to a lack of pressure during pumping of water to elevated areas.

The president, in response, said that measures would be taken to store water at the Swarna reservoirs. “The water scarcity, however, is to be expected, owing to poor level of rainfall. The house would take all measures to ensure water supply till the end of the season by providing water on alternate days,” said Yuvaraj.

The members still objected to the idea and insisted that if there is, currently, no shortage of water, there would be no need to limit the water supply to just alternate days. Kanchan alleged that the water in the reservoirs was being used by some local contractors for personal work.

He also demanded an investigation into the interruptions in the supply of water to the land areas situated at higher altitudes. The problems of disruption of water supply should be set right, he added.

Replying to a question on the ongoing national highway works, Yuvaraj admitted that there were, now, problems such as disconnection of water pipelines without intimation. “The people in the areas concerned are provided water through tankers to make up,” he clarified.

Toilet facility
Members Prashanth Ameen, Janardhan Bhandarkar and Narayan Kunder demanded that the Municipality should instruct owners to ensure toilet facilities are provided to tenants in slum dwellings. “The Municipality administration limits are full of slum dwellings and the people are defecating in the open,” they alleged, while Ameen also demanded that action should be taken against the owners for not providing toilets.

Municipality Commissioner Manjunathayya said that as many as 13 owners have been identified who are into the business. “They have constructed 957 houses, of which 442 are already evacuated, following stringent warnings. Water tariff of Rs 280 lakh is pending to be cleared from the public,” said the officer.

The Council members expressed dissatisfaction about the behaviour of the deputy commissioner, saying it was autocratic. He dictates to get things done, they complained. They also expressed unhappiness about the deputy commissioner’s decision to inaugurate the Beedanagudde open air theatre without intimation or honouring the people who are sweated it out to clean the dump yard situated there formerly.

Member Dinakar Shetty said that the late BJP leader Dr V S Acharya had contributed to the development of the area which was a huge dump yard. “The inaugural ceremony failed to carry the name of Acharya as a form of respect and acknowledgement,” he pointed out.

Yuvaraj assured the members that he would organise the inaugural ceremony again and include the honouring of the people responsible for the new look of the ground. The members also expressed their unhappiness about the arrogance of the MESCOM officials.