Never complicate what is simple'

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Never complicate what is simple'

The audience were transported through the many facets of life when ‘May Island’ performed at blueFROG recently. The New Delhi-based alternative rock band was recently in the City for a series of concerts and successful ones at that!

Their vocals carried a melange of emotions and they sang about challenge, hope and love in one gig. Be it their powerful guitar riffs or soothing vocals, they brought a magnetic effect on the listeners. The Bengaluru tour was the icing on the cake for the band, which had Vishnu Kumar on vocals and guitars, Aaron Almeida on the drums, Craig Godinho on bass and Nakul Kumar on guitars. The quartet had come here to compete at the final round of ‘Pravega’ ,organised by the Indian Institute of Science. They also played at Indigo Live during their short stint and garnered a flurry of fans.

Vishnu says, “We really enjoyed ourselves. While the food and the weather here is welcoming, the music scene is quite lively. The audience isn’t reserved and are willing to come and talk to the band about the music soon after the gig.”

‘May Island’ came together in 2014 as a two-piece instrumental ensemble with Vishnu and Aaron. Soon, they realised that they required vocalists and Vishnu started learning vocals at home, accompanied by his harmonium. With Craig and Nakul joining in 2015, the band moved into the mainstream circles from an all-instrumental setup.  So what’s more challenging, being an instrumental band or a vocal one? “Striking the right chord between the two,” says Vishnu. “The challenge lies in balancing the two and keeping this balance consistent. All our songs have harmonies. Our vocals and instruments try to complement each other as we juggle these two setups.”

Their first EP, though short, is sweet and speaks of variety and optimism. The song ‘Stone Spirit’ takes one on a groovy journey —  of trying to stand up after falling down hard. ‘August’ brims of hope with its calming effect while in ‘Eleanora’, the magic lies in the ability of the guitars to tell a story.  ‘Honest Joy’ takes one on a parabolic ‘trip’ and weaves in a happy, ‘summery’ feel with a mellow tone.

On how the band name was conceived, Vishnu says that the members, while brainstorming, wanted to come up with a name that spelt positive vibes and which people would be able to relate to.

“We wanted to transfer our energy through our songs. Our songs are more of a ‘sing-along’ experience and we hope that the audience feel that energy through the music. We also love exploring newer areas and engaging the crowd,” he says.

The band is now back home recording a single and they want to abide by one motto for their music — never complicate what is simple and never simplify what is complicated.

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