Spin with pinstripes

Spin with pinstripes

Revisiting the roots is always fascinating, especially when it comes to recycling age-old fashion trends and giving them a new look. A trend that has always stayed in vogue is the modest ‘pinstripe’ — the love of the 80s.

From suits to shirts, pinstripes have gone through a lot of modifications and improvements. Even dresses with pinstripes have become ideal for office wear. “Unlike every fashion trend that comes and goes, the pinstripes are here to stay. The look has been ruling the fashion world since its inception and is definitely going to continue. Be it formals or casuals, it is a classic wear for any occasion,” says designer duo Ankita and Akshita.

  “Today one can see a lot of variations. We now have crop tops, ‘lehengas’ and even saris trending with pinstripes. Pinstripes are ideal for any age group and any kind of body type; they actually make a person look leaner,” Ankita adds.

To complete the look while sporting a pinstripe outfit, one should keep it sober as the stripes itself are elegant and classy. According to the duo, one can wear a pair of earrings or go with a chunky bracelet if one is wearing a pinstriped crop top with skirt, a pinstriped dress or a sari. Slipping into a pair of ballerinas or stilettos will do wonders. As far as men are concerned, they say, “If they are wearing a formal pinstriped outfit, the focus should be on the colour they are wearing and accordingly team it up with Oxford heels.”

Designer Karn Malhotra points out that pinstripes were in fashion since the early 1900s but got popular over the years. He says, “Pinstripes were always part of a man’s wardrobe. However, with the rise in androgyny, pinstripes made their appearance in the women’s fashion scene as well. Pinstripes were primarily worn as formal wear but at present, it has been tweaked and introduced in the semi-formal or even casual genre of fashion.” He adds, “The outfit is an androgynous take on a men’s formal double-breasted blazer. Styling in this case should be sleek and crisp with little to no accessories. The look could at the most take a dress watch, a pair of studs and a simple box clutch. To add some old school glamour, one can use a bright red lip colour.”

Designer Michelle Salins, who has worked with pinstripes in her latest linen collection, says that these prints can even be used in jumpsuits. “It is a sophisticated print that one can wear to work, but at the same time, one can just take off the tie and still look cool enough for a drink outside in the evening. When a woman is wearing a pinstripe skirt with a plain blouse, she is ready to go for the evening with just an accessory thrown in,” says Michelle. She believes that “the print is a very versatile kind of print or weave”.

Michelle’s newest collection features pinstripes in shirts and trousers and even on a dress. “We are trying middle-length jackets for women too. One has to be careful about pinstripes as they cannot be used with every style. It also depends on whether the stripes are really thin or thick,” she says.

Paresh Lamba, who works with pinstripes, says, “They have been in fashion since time immemorial. I remember the first suit that I saw an adult wearing was a pinstriped one.

There have been times when they were extremely popular and sometimes a little lesser, but they have been a part of the wardrobe always. The cuts and styles have changed around though — from baggy trousers to slimmer silhouettes. The stripes have the quality to adapt to any silhouette and styling and the advantage of a pinstripe suit is that it accentuates the body of a man,” details Paresh.

He adds that unless it is a very tall and lanky man, the pinstripe suits suit every body type. “Every man can carry off a pinstripe outfit with great elan. It’s a great formal wear.

Sometimes, people also accessorise the pinstripe and use it as evening wear, with colourful pocket squares and a peppy pair of shoes,” he adds. Paresh says that pinstripes in just jackets are not fashionable, but as a suit they are perfect.

Designer Madhuri Lakkapragada adds, “The trend of pinstripes picked up during the World Wars. It was due to the lack of fabric that these outfits were produced. So basically the stripes enhance the look and blend with the fabric. Today, it is not just getting popular as formal wear but it is also trending as gym, sports, beach  and casual wear too. To complete the look one can go minimal on accessories like hats, bracelets and wedges.”

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