Priyanka: Love & murder most foul

Priyanka: Love & murder most foul

Kannada (U) ¬¬¬
Cast: Priyanka Upendra, Prakash Rai, Veena Sundar, Tejas, Shivadwaj, Jayashri Raj, Sudarshan
Director: Dinesh Baboo

Inspired by the infamous techie murder that rocked Bengaluru, director Dinesh Baboo has stitched a savvy murder mystery in Priyanka. What makes it engaging is the cast which comes up with some convincing performances.

A seasoned Prakash Raj takes the cake, while Priyanka comes up with a polished show as the doting, Facebook-addicted wife.

If Dinesh Baboo, despite the film’s rather unwieldy length, is able to have audiences’ unwavering attention, it is due to his deftness in scripting and nifty narrative skill.

To recapitulate, the film is about how Priyanka’s husband Siddanath Lokesh, a software engineer, is murdered following Priyanka’s friendship with Facebook acquaintance Ashwath Rayappa, who owns an electronics store. Given that most of the sordid details of the case is already in public domain, it is unnecessary to recount as it unfolds in the film with delectable denouement.

Besides acting, Priyanka makes for an interesting watch for the contrasting police procedures adopted by woman ACP Malathi Hosamane, played by Veena Sundar, and ACTP Satya Nadig, played by the versatile Prakash Raj.

The only irritants are the needless songs and the film’s taxing length. That said, Dinesh Baboo’s Priyanka makes for nice weekend at the movies.

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