Facing life with equanimity

Facing life with equanimity

Apparently, we give profound prominence to our personal success - be it the professional, academic or financial. We wallow ourselves in sheer euphoria, when we've reached the pinnacle of success.

So much so that we even go overboard in celebrating it by throwing a splendid bash to our special coterie of friends/relatives, who raise a toast to our success, making us feel extra elated! With an overdose of chutzpah, we now feel the world is at our feet and the happiness, at our finger tips!  Obviously after all that rip-roaring celebration of our success, in case we encounter failure of any sort, truly it comes as an unpalatable shocker and a bad blow to our bloated egos. We not only find ourselves drowning in a vortex of doldrums, we even start radiating that gloom around, to the extent that even our loved ones get awfully affected by our despondent n' downbeat mood.

 In fact, there are some people, when assailed by failures, they become so mentally battered that they start feeling the whole world has come to a standstill and that they're totally lost in a murky maze with no way out! They even don't hesitate resorting to ending their lives, taking that drastic irrevocable step. Indeed these humans could be branded as downright 'self-centered' for inflicting inordinate pain on their loved ones, besides causing disillusionment in their life.

 Well, what's that secret recipe to remain ever 'composed n' collected' and that magic formula to stay 'happy n' cheerful' always? Simple! Just face the life with equanimity, by stolidly taking in your stride the successes and failures! Once you steel your nerves and psych yourself to remain phlegmatic, then whether it's the zenith of success or the nadir of failure, nothing would make a modicum of difference to you! If you aren't swept off your feet, while surfing on a massive wave of supreme success; you won't be sinking in severe depression, even when you're swimming in a sea of failure!

Similarly, on having reached the top rung of the success ladder, if you haven't felt terribly exhilarated, when you slip down too, you won't feel all that flustered, since these peaks n' plateaus can never ever unhinge your mental equipoise. In fact, once you've developed that stoic endurance, no difficulty browbeats you, no fear intimidates you, and no hurdle looks insuperable to you. So, once you're loaded with oodles of spunk and sang-froid, you even become sanguine enough to see the words 'END' and "NO' (purportedly with negative connotations), as acronyms for 'Efforts Never Die' and 'New Opportunities'!

In nutshell, one should view success as merely inspirational, sans affixing undue importance to it. Of course, one ought to strive for success since after all, it's a 'feel-good' factor when one has accomplished something stupendous in life. But at the same time, one has to perceive every failure as a step to new success. Finally, one should also be prepared for the grim n' gritty reality that "the higher one rises, the greater would always be the thud, when one falls down"!

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