Monkey rescues puppy, adopts it

Monkey rescues puppy, adopts it

A monkey in the busy Muthuvelen street of Erode district in Tamil Nadu has adopted an abandoned pup after rescuing it from ferocious dogs.

Passers-by are not only curious, but also overcome by emotion as the protective simian does not allow anyone to come near the young one.

The monkey immediately undertook the role of a mother by protecting the helpless pup from bigger stray dogs and also feeding what ever food it gets from the passers-by.

The “unofficial adoption” took place just couple of weeks back when a newborn puppy was abandoned by his mother. “When there was an unusual barking noise, we came out of our house and saw that a homeless puppy was almost about to be killed by mongrels. However, suddenly a monkey came from a tree nearby and chased away the strays and took the puppy away before rescuing it”, K Srinivasan, an eye-witness of the rare story, said.

“Touched by the emotional bond of this mismatched family, we started to feed them biscuits and milk”, he added.

The macaque not only made sure to carry her “newly-adopted son” wherever she goes, but also ensures to play with the dog whenever it required.

“It (monkey) takes the puppy even to the tree top to play. It is amazing to see the monkey keeping a tight hold on the dog even when she climbs the tree”, K Saradha, a resident and house wife, said.

According to Saradha, what ever the monkey gets, it made sure that her “son” eats first and then takes the leftovers.

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