Let's play dress up

Let's play dress up

Let's play dress up

The world of fashion is a rather chaotic one. There’s always something new that comes and leaves before you’ve even realised, and that’s what makes it so exciting. Though many fashionistas like Marilyn Monroe and Coco Chanel have advised their fans to wear something they are comfortable, many don’t follow that due to various reasons. But Shruti Charan Kodikal, a professional stylist and the owner of ‘Frock Island’, believes in what they say and that’s why she makes utterly comfortable frocks.

She says, “When the weather is so hot and unpredictable, frocks or dresses are the piece of garment that come to your rescue. It’s not necessary that you have to look like you are going to a party every time you wear a dress — you can wear them for any occasion and be comfortable at the same time. That’s my motive with ‘Frock Island’ and that’s where my inspiration for the designs come in.”

Though married to a family that lives in Chennai, she’s a true Bengalurean at heart. And her customers span throughout the country, thanks to her Facebook page. When Shruti is not busy being a stylist, she works to bring out some trendy frocks. Explaining the work that goes behind ‘Frock Island’, she says, “Since I’ve worked with various luxury brands, I have many contacts with tailors and they are the ones who help me out. They know their cuts really well and all I have to do is give them the designs. When the sample one is done correctly, we go into production and finally, to the customer.”

Quality is what Shruti aims for. “When I first moved to Chennai, it was impossible to wear trousers or jeans because of the weather. So I would go to the market, get good quality cotton or linen and get the tailors to stitch frocks for me. When I would go for various shoots, people would ask where I got the dresses from. This gave me the idea of starting something new on a small scale and here we are now. I make sure that the quality of each dress is pure cotton or linen — this includes the lining too.”

Having started the idea of ‘Frock Island’ in July 2015, Shruti makes simple frocks that are at least knee-length in size.

 She believes that the clothes she produces should match everyone’s needs and can be worn by anyone in the country without feeling threatened about their safety. Her designs have been making rounds with women who are mostly between the ages of 16 and 45. She says, “As long as you have the attitude and the confidence to pull off the style, my designs will suit anyone. The material is also such that you can throw it in to the washing machine and have it back in perfect condition.

The shelf-life for the clothes is long so you don’t have to go and buy something new every six months.”

She also plays arounds with a variety of colours and prints. Whether you want plain, solid colours or stripes, prints and polka dots, she has it all.

Shruti says, “Fashion and style is about being comfortable and trendy at the same time. You must also be self-aware of your body and know what looks good for you. When you’re sure of that, you can look effortless and confident at the same time.”
Visit her Facebook page for more details.