How relevant are new menus on V-Day?

How relevant are new menus on V-Day?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and the city is preparing for it in full swing. On one side, couples are busy planning something special, on the other restaurateurs and hoteliers are trying their best to bring in maximum footfall on this day.

It just isn’t about special discounts. They are offering curated menus to sell the concept and are trying to get attention by having interesting dishes like Made for Each Other, Love Salad and Romance Dessert on their menus. But one wonders if this marketing strategy really is a good bet to encourage customers to try something new?

Ankeet Agarwal says, “I believe in tried and tasted options. I’m only going to try a dish of which I’m sure about. In case, I order something new from the menu which these restaurants or hotels are offering and it fails to impress me or my love, it can spoil our whole mood. I don’t want this to happen. Anyway, when there is a Butter Chicken placed in front of me, I’d never like to try any other option.”

According to Jitin Kapur, executive chef, Tashan, these menus are curated keeping in mind the varied tastes of people. “When we do something special for an occasion, we keep a lot of things in mind. It is not for a definite set of people. A universal concept goes into a menu so that it appeals to different taste preferences,” he says.

Food memories are also a deciding factor when it comes to placing orders. Akansha Sinha, who is “not very experimental” when it comes to food, says, “Everyone has some memories related to a particular dish. In that case, on Valentine’s Day, I’d never go with any other option, no matter how good it claims to be.”Now the question is how these restaurants and hotels are going to sell this exclusive menu?

Saroj Muduli, chef de cuisine, Courtyard by Marriott Gurgaon, says, “It is the idea behind every dish which creates curiosity in the guests. We try to excite our guests by explaining the infusion that goes into it. Also, what role or importance the dish holds, is another deciding factor for the guests.”

Amid all this, a special effort is made to craft the dessert section which is synonymous with love. While we have Barbeque Love Burgers, Jack in a Pocket and Love Evoking Roll to choose from the main course, there is Gulaab Kheer, Choco-Berry d’Amour cake , The Magnificent and Love Volcano to satiate your sweet cravings.

These food items contain aphrodisiac qualities and are known to trigger serotonin and endorphin that boost mood and decrease stress level. Chef Nadir Ali from Pamphilos, says, “We curate a special menu for the day keeping in mind that people love to savour on something that is sweet, yet aphrodisiac in nature. Some special ingredients to boost sex hormones like garlic, strawberry, wine, celery, avocado and honey are also used.”