To good times and even better cocktails

To good times and even better cocktails

Does not come with an over the top extravagant menu, but it has some good selection of food and drinks. With is limited options Sandy’s Cocktails and Kitchen, is one of the few places which makes sure you don’t go home disappointed.

It is located adjacent to the Iffco Chowk Metro station, and right behind Westin, Gurgaon. Owned by one of the India’s finest bartenders – Sandeep Verma aka Sandy, the place offers an impressive line-up of innovative cocktails and food.

The best part about Sandy’s is that you don’t have to worry about the place closing down early. It has an underground bar and a stage where you can sing your heart out after getting a little tipsy.

Soft music, peaceful, classy ambience and cocktails are highlights of the place.  In appetisers, the vegetarian menu has Mezze Platter (falafel, hummus and pita bread) which is served with light and tangy French Martini, a perfect drink to begin with. For those who love non vegetarian food, the menu has Bratwurst — a tasty combo of Sauerkraut, fig chutney and grain mustard — served with Vesper, a cocktail with Gin as its main ingredient.

Then comes the salad – Greek with feta cheese for vegetarians and Chicken Ceasar for non vegetarians, which is followed by Classic Genovese Minestrone soup. These two are accompanied by Sandy’s signature cocktails — Last Tango in Modena and Whiskey sour, which perfectly seem to make a great combo.

As the alcohol begins to take toll, one could proceed towards the main course which offers Mushroom risotto (couldn’t be better) and the tasty Lamb Shank. Accompanied by a cocktail named Old Fashioned — made by muddling sugar with bitters, then adding alcohol, such as whiskey or brandy and a twist of citrus rind, the main course feels complete.

In dessert, the menu has New Age Tiramisu. Tiramisu – Italian for “pick me up”, with a flavour of coffee would make you hog on to it. It is accompanied by Espresso Martini with Hazelnut Foam – a perfect blend of coffee liqueur and Vodka, which seem to live up to the expectation and guarantee a “happy ending”.

If you have the pleasure of Sandy’s company, you keep on laughing and having fun throughout. “I have not opened this place for money. It comes and goes. What stays is the moments we live along with our friends. The fun should never end and the life should go on like this,” says Sandy, who calls himself a “show tender” and never forgets to make you laugh with his jokes.


Address: 388 SCO, Adjacent to IFFCO Metro Station, Behind Westin. Hotel, Sector 29, Gurgaon.
 Cost for two: INR 1800 + taxes exclusive of drinks.