Govt may axe import duty on used cooking oil: Gadkari

Govt may axe import duty on used cooking oil: Gadkari

Union Minister for Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari on Wednesday said the government may withdrawing import duty on used cooking oil for conversion into bio-diesel which will help curb pollution.

“I have talked to Nirmala Sitharaman (Minister of Commerce and Industry). The (cooking) oil is discarded in waste after frying once globally. That oil is available on large scale across the world. We will be withdrawing (import) duties on that oil. If that oil comes in the country then bio-diesel will be made from it,” Gadkari said while addressing Global Partnership Summit on Smart Cities by industry body Assocham.

He further said that “bio-diesel is cheaper by Rs 4 than petroleum diesel but when we will withdraw duty, it will be cheaper by Rs 7.”

Vehicles running with alternative fuel not only pollute less but could also be manufactured easily, he said citing the example of Brazil.

The minister also urged farmers from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka to switch to ethanol production from sugarcane to reap rich dividends as well as contribute towards minimising pollution.