Now, video-stream from your smartphone, live

Now, video-stream from  your smartphone, live

Trapped in a troubled street, you are desperate to alert the police and describe exactly what is unfolding before you. You take out the smartphone, click on the app and video-stream all that action, live! That’s exactly what WeVoo, an Android/iOS mobile app developed by three Indians in the US recently, promises to do.

But you could do this even discretely, choosing the private option. It could be a private wedding or a family function. Suddenly, those cumbersome text messages, emoticons and audio messages seem outdated.

Privacy has often been the casualty in live-streaming applications that have emerged thus far. Memory is another issue, that led the app developers to take the cloud option. Co-developer Harry Sangha owned multiple digital cameras and camcorders. Yet, he realised he was using only his smartphone for video recording precious moments and sharing them with contacts. But after a few recordings, annoying ‘Storage Full’ messages would stop all that shooting fun.

WeVoo emerged from this frustration. Harry and his friends, Deepak Khanduri and Krishna Kumar, worked out a way to communicate, record and share live moments with close contacts across different types of mobile phones (cross platform), in 35 languages. To address the storage option, the videos were taken to the DVR cloud with space up to 5 GB. The WeVoo app also offers Group Video Chatting option to create personalised groups from phone contacts to share live moments. The Private Video Chatting option ensures that live stream and video chat is restricted to invited contacts only. The Follow option offers users to keep track of select phone contacts and be notified when they are using the live-streaming feature.

WhatsApp, the big daddy of today’s instant chat messaging, and other competing platforms do have the video share option, a far cry from live-streaming. But uploading and downloading such large files could be a drag on your data charges. WeVoo lets you choose the quality of the video streams according to the data or WiFi plan usage.

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