No room for error

No room for error


No room for error

From his film debut in Chellata in 2006 to his 25th film Buguri in 2015, actor Ganesh has come a long way. The star has been a part of movies like Mungaru Male (2006), Gaalipata (2008), Maleyali Jotheyali (2010), Mr. 420 (2012), Auto Raja (2013) and Khushi Khushiyagi (2015) among others. For someone who started with television and supporting roles in movies, he is truly worthy of being called the Golden Star. What, however, is most endearing is his down-to-earth nature.

As we ease into a conversation, I ask Ganesh how he looks back at his journey. “I am happy as I have progressed from essaying smaller roles to playing the protagonist. I guess my positive attitude has helped me work on some really good scripts. Completing 25 films in nine years is good, but I guess I could have hit the milestone sooner, as I spent more time on my first directorial venture Kool...Sakkath Hot Maga in 2010.”

It has been five years since his debut behind the camera and the actor is planning his second film as a director. “The script is ready and we are working on the final touches. Direction is a fantastic job as you are the one telling the story from your point of view with the hope that the audience appreciates it, too.” His upcoming film Style King will see him in a double role for the first time. “It was challenging as I had to change my look and body language for the roles I am playing.” The actor also says that he chooses movies based on their entertainment value. “If the script excites me and I feel the challenge in portraying a role, I will not hesitate to take it up. However, the one thing I tell my director is not to compromise on the entertainment value of the film as that is what the audiences come to the theatres for.”

The actor has recently joined social media and says that as fans are curious to know more about him, he updates them on his work life as well as shares some family pictures. For someone who started with television, Ganesh says that even today he gets several offers to do shows but stuck to Super Minute since it was a game show that was thrilling and entertaining at the same time. “I love children and this show gave me an opportunity to work with kids more closely, so I said yes.” Known for his vivacious nature, Ganesh says that he is open to working in other languages provided the right script comes his way. “I have my hands full doing Kannada movies. But if there are any good offers, I may consider it.”

Having been a part of the industry for close to a decade now, Ganesh is happy that Sandalwood is changing for the better. “There is a lot of new talent, new ideas and good technicians who are coming up with different scripts today. Also, Kannada movies are safer investments as budgets are well controlled. Ganesh currently has his hands full and after the release of Style King, he is looking forward to Zoom, which he says is a romcom that is colourful, entertaining and has great music.

“I also have Pataki wherein I play a cop for the first time. I had to work on my body and I am looking forward to it.” He also has the sequel to Mungaru Male coming up. “Mungaru Male 2 has a lot of work left. Although I had offers to do the sequel earlier, I was not keen on the stories offered. However, we now have an interesting story with a lot of emotions,” he says, without letting the cat out of the bag.

Apart from work, Ganesh says he likes reading — “I love to read and always have a book in my car.” The actor hopes to continue to work hard and make good films for his audiences. The affable artiste certainly has many more aces up his sleeve and it’s certainly “golden” days ahead for his audiences and fans alike.