A superhero film that's unconventionally good

A superhero film that's unconventionally good

A superhero film that's unconventionally good

English (A) Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Gina Carano, Morena Baccarin
Director: Tim Miller

Wade (Reynolds), a former special force soldier working as a mercenary, falls in love with Vanessa (Baccarin), a former prostitute with a clean heart. All is well until Wade learns about his cancer.

He agrees to sign up for a medical trial wherein his body is subjected to torture and he ends up being disfigured. After fleeing from a group of scientists led by Ajax (Skrein), Wade no longer has the courage to approach Vanessa with his looks. So, he reinvents himself as a man in red suit — Deadpool — to reclaim his love and avenge himself.

Deadpool as a superhero is badass, hilarious and violent — not your typical good role model hero like Spiderman. He is also not like the grumpy Batman or the handsome Superman. In short, he is an unfriendly superhero for kids. His powers have nothing to do with responsibility. He is instead blessed with an acid-mouth and a kickass behaviour who enjoys taking down his opponents.

Reynolds proves himself to be the right guy to play the joker as well as the good and the bad guy. You also have Baccarin who is given a rough role to match up to Deadpool’s traits.

“Deadpool” is not your average superhero flick. It has powerful graphic violence and strong language. It will not be wise to take your kids if you want to thoroughly enjoy this brilliantly crafted action-comedy. Despite several censor cuts for the Indian version, you are not going to miss the grandeur of Tim Miller’s first directorial project. You are going to be grinning from the opening to end credits.

It’s unconventional to admit, but “Deadpool” fits to be dubbed a perfect date movie.