The white side of life

The white side of life

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The white side of life
White has forever been an omnipresent colour in people’s wardrobes. Think formal shirts and white is often what pops-up first on one’s mind. The colour has proved its prowess in casual wear and even festive wear and whatever season it may be, everyone owns a white tee or even a nice dress in the colour.

Fashion designers share their experiences of working with the colour and how one can mix and match.

A top in white, whatever the length may be, is an essential element in a woman’s wardrobe, says city-based designer Ria Joy Mathews, who specialises in Western wear. “I’ve played with embroidered fabric and added chiffon and ruffles on the neck to it. It is a little longer than any other top.” She says that she has also worked on three-fourth capri pants which are tied on the sides.

“It is simple in style but the embroidery adds the zeal to it.” Ria says that in the upcoming warm season, whites are a perfect option to stay cool and stylish. “Whatever the top is worn with adds to the look — be it palazzo pants or flared ones,” she adds.

Designer Abhinandana Shetty, who has a label in her own name, says she has different casual wear creations in white. “White is something which works for casual or even beach wear. I have worked on clothes which had white and used tie-dye on them,” she says. She adds that she has worked with white fabric in ‘transformational reconstruction cutting’, a technique that she has learnt from a Milan-based designer. “The frock that I created used a 3D technique on it, which gave it a unique twist.”

“White makes one look posh. Despite any other colour worn around, white always makes one stand out and more presentable. It always catches one’s attention!” she says. Abhinandana says that every man should own a white cotton or linen shirt and a woman should have a white top which goes with any coloured skirt, pants or even denims. “In whites, a cowl neck look or even a halter neck would look great,” she says.

Khadi designer Amin Farishta says that stylish trends in white are an easy add-on to one’s wardrobe. “With summer fast approaching, khadi in white looks elegant and enhances the beauty of the wardrobe. For women, stylish waistcoats at a professional event or an embellished white gown at an evening party would floor everyone. For a different look, young men can choose a white suit, which is striking and unique,” he says.

White looks classic in gowns and short dresses, says designer Shreyasi Chatterjee, a final-year student with KLE’s Institute of Fashion Technology & Apparel Design for Women. “White in gowns has a certain charm to it. Whatever be the season, people choose to wear white as it is a universal colour.” Shreyasi says that it is a must-have element in everyone’s wardrobe, be it a shirt with a tuxedo for a formal dinner or a woman’s pintuck or pinstripe shirt. She says, “It is a colour which suits both the sexes. One can use it in official or party wear, as it goes with everything. Though the colour looks best during the day, if it is accentuated well, it looks nice during the night too. White is a complementary colour and it gives a sense of peace. It is a colour which blends with all the colours one can find around.” She says that white can be worn with a pair of black trousers and blazer too or with trendy box pleat skirts.

Other fashionistas like Rohit Rajput from Army Institute of Fashion & Design feel that white is the perfect colour for the sunkissed Indian skin. “White paired with fascinating colours like rose quartz, peach echo, serenity, snorkel blue, butter cup, limpet shell, lilac gray, fiesta, iced coffee and green flash makes for the top ten colour combinations of the season.” He says that a fabulous combination like a white blazer with an indigo denim shirt or an indigo denim shirt with a white T-shirt and bright coloured sneakers or chinos are sure to make heads turn. “White has a beautiful appeal all through the year, especially when the days are getting hotter,” he says.