'Customers' steal ornaments from jewellery showroom

'Customers' steal ornaments from jewellery showroom

A gang of four members led by a woman made away with a gold bracelet and a pair of gold earrings from a jewellery showroom in UB City under Cubbon Park police limits on Sunday evening.

The woman - along with three men - entered Diani, a jewellery showroom and asked the saleswoman to show them the latest designs in bracelets and earrings. As they were looking at the designs, the woman engaged the saleswoman in conversation and distracted her attention. 

One of the men slipped a gold bracelet into his pocket and another person took a pair of gold earrings. 

The woman then told the saleswoman that she did not like the designs and would get back to them, before the gang members left the showroom. 

The incident came to light when the saleswoman was arranging the bracelets and earrings, to put them back into the showcase. 

She found that a bracelet and a pair of earrings were missing and informed the other staff. 

CCTV footage examinedThey examined the CCTV footage and found that two persons who had come with the woman stealing the gold ornaments. 

They approached the Cubbon Park police and informed them about the incident.

The police visited the spot and examined the CCTV footage and it was noticed that the gang left the premises in a car. The staff at the showroom told the police that the woman was talking in Hindi. 

The Cubbon Park police have taken up the case.