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Last Updated 17 February 2016, 02:06 IST

In the last two decades, especially with the advent of hi-tech and modern technology, India has witnessed many revolutionary changes and developments in concepts, approach and methodology of health science.

The impact of these changes has been so much that man's understanding of illness or disease and also of health and wellness has changed enormously. Of late, there has been a lot of research work being done in genetic engineering to find the cause of various diseases in the genes and ways to prevent or treat them.
However, in spite of so much advancement in medical science, it's quite strange that still hundreds of millions of people are suffering from life-threatening diseases for which there is no known cure yet.
Zika is one of the latest about which we all have been dreadfully reading in newspapers. Today, with years of experience and proven tests, medical professionals have realised stress or mental tension is the greatest killer and the root cause of all the diseases we suffer from.
As mentioned above, in spite of marvellous advancement in the science of healing, the number of patients is still increasing and no disease has completely been eradicated.
This is mainly because certain aspects of patients, such as their thinking habits, old memories, emotional traits, attitudes etc, are not being given as much attention as is necessary.

It is not the fault of doctors, but of society, which must provide for training of man's emotions, because in reality the disturbance that's caused at emotional level results in many diseases. Similarly, our habit of reviving memories of our traumatic past again and again serves as a big setback to our mental and physical health.
While studying the effects of meditation on human health, researchers in medical professions found that the relaxation response obtained by practising meditation affects a man's subconscious mind as well as every cell of his body and it also raises his level of immunity, tolerance, self-control and will power, which are very useful in treatment of ailments.
This relaxation response, according to researchers, comes from the pituitary-hypothalamus combine. One gives out alpha and delta waves from this sub-cortical region when he/she engages their mind in a special form of positive thinking called meditation.
Thus, the importance of positive thinking for good health and harmonious nature is well established and meditation is considered as the easiest tool to achieve it. Proper understanding of sympathetic- parasympathetic nervous system and hypothalamus, thalamus and hypophysis should leave no doubt in our mind that, unless a man's mind is cured and his will to become well is strengthened, no long-lasting results can be assured through medicine or surgery.
So, let us make a strong resolve to strengthen ourselves mentally by applying the principles of positive thinking and create an aura of wellness around us to cure our Self as well as the people around us.

(Published 17 February 2016, 02:06 IST)

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